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What would be the most essential factor in teaching teens the importance of skin care? Is it eating the right foods or selecting the correct skin care protocol for their skin? It is both of them, but the number one factor in teaching teens about skin care is the food they eat. It is that simple. Food has a direct response on how our skin looks. Dehydration causes our skin to slack and look crêpe and dull. We have learned that processed foods take a toll on our skin and speed up the aging process.

Acne Myths

I interviewed a handful of teens from 14 to 18 years old and asked them what they wished someone would have taught them about skin care. They all said that they wished they started their skin care routine younger. They wish they had learned how to properly cleanse, identify their skin type and what foods lead to better skin. Additionally, they would like the know the truth about skin care myths such as...

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Lisa Stewart is the owner and operator of Solia Spa in Brecksville, Ohio. She has worked in the skin care industry for more than 13 years as an esthetician and an educator. She has appeared on local television and radio and serves on the Skin Inc. Advisory Board. She is also the founder of Peri Skin Care.