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6 Ways to Let your Soul Radiate

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I am beyond thrilled to write about a subject so near and dear to me. Being in the spa industry for 16 years has brought me tremendous spiritual growth that has enriched my life with endless fulfillment. For that, I am forever thankful. We touch souls, we mend, we love and we enrich. We are empaths. It’s in our DNA that drives us to heal clients. If we weren’t compassionate for this, we would’ve chosen a different field. As you observe your peers, you undoubtably see one caring technician after another. We radiate all day long—love, light and authenticity from our soul. So, what is a soul?

The immaterial essence, animating principle, or actuating cause of an individual life.


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The spiritual principle embodied in human beings, all rational and spiritual beings, or the universe.1

What power and force we carry inside of us. I believe the soul is the real person; it’s the core of who you are and the purest form of you. Your soul is an extension from a higher source. Your soul emits when you accept and love everything about yourself.

How do we get our soul to radiate this divine power? Sometimes we get off track in our life and need to clear out what no longer serves us. We need to make room for growth so our soul can shine. It comes down to this: Do you trust the intelligence that created your body? When you do, your soul puts you on a path of amazing possibilities and life becomes easy and effortless. Here are a few ways we can implement this.

1. Decide you want a joyful life.

Ask yourself, what lights me up in life? Am I making what excites me a priority in my life? If not, why? Is it fear that’s holding me back? Fear is just an illusion that blocks us from our potential. Once we realize this illusion and truly believe in ourselves, we are unstoppable. We hold our power, ignite our confidence and create the life we want. When we come from a place of integrity, authenticity, alignment and self-assurance, our soul is radiating. This is when the magic happens.

2. Tap into the pure you.

Set aside 15 minutes every day in silence to sit with only yourself with no distractions. Tap into your purest self and listen to what you hear. You may go into a trans state where no thoughts exist and you become purely connected with your soul. Your soul only speaks with a kind loving voice and could actually lead to receiving revealing foresights. Whatever the message, remember that it is the purest form of you. If you are hearing negativity speaking to you, that is your ego. Let that go and concentrate on silence. By meditating, you are aligning your mind and body with your soul guiding you on your life path. There is an unknown quote that, “Wise souls speak loudly in silence.” I love this. Ask your soul what is it you need to know for the day. Usually the message is short and to the point.

One of my favorite forms of meditation is simple breathing exercises. I use the method of inhaling for a four count and exhaling to a four count. By doing this, we are breathing our maximum amount of pure oxygen. This is what I refer to as “white light” and releasing fear. Visualize yourself releasing any of your emotional or physical pain into the universe. When you think you have released everything, go a little deeper and see if you can release more. You are clearing these obstacles from your precious sacred body, and your soul will thank you. Your body and mind will start feeling differently as this clarity sets in.

Feel free to write down in a journal what your soul is saying. It’s pretty amazing what you will author. You will have a freeing sensation where fear just leaves your body the more you take this time for yourself. Commit to doing this for seven days and observe how your life changes in the most incredible manner. I do this daily; I like to set my intentions for how I would like my day to go. This includes everything; my work, employees, clients and most importantly, my family. When I do this, I get clear direction. When stress happens (and it will), I am able to handle it with composure and integrity without losing my demeanor.

3. What you are grateful for?

Write down or say out loud what you are grateful for every day. This can be from the simple fact that you can breathe to having a warm bed to sleep on. When you come from a place of being grateful, it keeps you living in the present. You are not pondering the past or worrying about what your future has in store.

In life, we deal with depression, anxiety and any other stressful emotions that our daily existence brings us. Frequently, we can get caught in the past, which can trigger these negative and confusing emotions. Excessive worrying about our future can create unnecessary anxiety. Staying in the present is all we have at this very moment. When the mind and soul are connected through compassion, it activates the circulatory of the brain to be mentally healthy. These connections are wired together and fire together. Ever since I have incorporated this into my life, my clarity and vision along with self-confidence has become abundantly well-defined. I have only moments of despair, where in the past it would lead to days, weeks and sometimes even months. When I feel the wave of a negative emotion coming, I meditate in silence, hear my soul speak and I receive undeniable direction that can only come from a higher place. This momentary lapse fades, and I’m right back on track with my life.

4. Choose good thoughts.

What captures your attention in the moment is what we instinctively direct our energy too. When focusing on the difficulty of a situation and not on a relevant solution, this problem will typically manifest into what you do not want. If you concentrate on how you want an outcome to evolve, you will gain momentum to receive the positive solution. It’s all energy!

Everything starts with a thought. When this thought is strong enough, it manifests into reality. We are so powerful that we often forget what we can do. Observe the words you speak. Are they inspiring to yourself or do they limit your potential? We often are our worst critics. It’s time we speak to ourselves as a best friend, with love and kindness like our soul does. Remember this, “You’re so busy doubting yourself while other people are intimidated by your potential.”2 Now there’s something to think about.

5. Trust your gut.

You know, that gut feeling we often get and can’t help to ignore but oftentimes do? Our bodies are incredibly intelligent. The gut is often referred to as the second brain, the communication path from our soul. Why is it we typically do not pay attention to this gut feeling? Do we not trust the intelligence that created our body? This is your soul cautioning you of what is about to follow. It’s there for a reason. We must learn to respect and honor this. The further you listen to your gut feelings, the stronger your intuition becomes and the more enriched your life will be. I wish I would have learned this at an early age. However, I now listen to this to guide me through all of my life’s circumstances.

6. Celebrate your life.

Every day we can find something we can celebrate. It could be a perfect service you just provided for a client, a fully booked day of appointments or a great hair day. Be proud of your accomplishments no matter what size they are. Whatever it is, give it energy and watch it grow. Oprah Winfrey once said, “The more you celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”3 This is so true!

You Are Perfect

You already have everything you need within you to receive the answers you seek. The soul is imperishable, unlimited, perfect and joyful. It’s the best friend one can ever have. We are all in this world together.

When your soul radiates you become the most beautiful being. Its infectious, and people gravitate to your presence. We have a limited time on Earth; let’s make it incredibly amazing and full of love. After all, love is the highest vibration of your soul, radiate it!



Lisa Stewart is the owner and operator of Solia Spa in Brecksville, Ohio. She has worked in the skin care industry for more than 13 years as an esthetician and an educator. She has appeared on local television and radio and was featured in Skin Inc. magazine’s “A Good Influence” section. She has also developed her own rejuvenating retail product.