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3 Makeup Steps For Even Skin

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According to an article on Healthline, this three-step makeup technique can help consumers develop a smooth, natural look using minimal makeup.

Experts consulted by Healthline outlined a three-step makeup finishing technique to assist uneven skin tone issues.

According to the report, instead of layering on powder, the key to a smooth look lies in using minimal makeup along with a precise technique.

1. Start with a primer.

Primer has several jobs, including smoothing out fine lines, soothing dry patches, evening out skin tone, minimizing pores and controlling shine.

2. Use a lightweight foundation and a heavier concealer.

A lightweight foundation and heavier concealer will provide a more natural look than high-coverage foundation, while still covering up spots and scars.

3. Finish with a light powder and a setting spray.

Use a light powder on shiny areas of the face as needed and try a setting spray that will hold makeup in place without emphasizing uneven areas and over-drying the skin.

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