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Reflections: On Hand

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Our hands do so much, yet they are often neglected by most. As skin care professionals, we know this all too well. Many will attest that the hands are an esthetician’s greatest tool, so how do we pay them back? And, how do we take care of the hands of our nurse, baker, firefighter, electrician and teacher clientele? If you haven’t given much thought to the way you care for hands in your treatments—and frankly the way you care for your own hands—now is a really good time.

The pandemic has prompted all of us to wash our hands more than we ever have. Throw drying hand sanitizer into the mix, and you’ve got some rough digits. Next to our décolléte, our hands are always the first to show the signs of age, but they don’t have to be if we care for them correctly.

In this issue, we look into the different ways we can treat the hands. On Page 42, Lisa Stewart explores how we can incorporate healing crystals into hand treatments or nail services. The first thing to do is to have clients select a crystal based on their personal goals. The client then sets an intention with the crystal, and the crystal can be incorporated into the service in a number of ways.

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If crystals are not your thing, but you’d still like to revisit your hand and feet services, turn to Page 24 for an article on refreshing your mani/pedi menu by Maritza Rodriguez. She discusses when to schedule your menu refresh and tasks to tackle beforehand. She then suggests creative manicure and pedicure treatments that you can offer based on season.

Regardless of our occupation, our hands are important. It is critical that we value them by offering services and add-ons that bring them new life. Also, don’t neglect the retail opportunity that hand services provide, including moisturizers, polishes, cuticle products, tools, masks and more. Have these products on hand for recommendation, while making sure that your own hands are loved.

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Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson

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