Well Living Lab Will Focus on Interaction Between Health, Wellness & Enivronment


Delos, the company that created the Well Building Standard, has agreed to design, build and operate a newly-formed Well Living Lab with renowned United States health provider Mayo Clinic Center. This will be a multidisciplinary lab focused on the interaction between health, wellness and the built environment.

Delos’ Well Building Standard is a construction framework based on seven design categories including clean air, water and light. It includes elements such as shielding from electromagnetic fields and circadian lighting.

Set to debut in April 2015, the Well Living Lab will research, develop and test both new and existing innovations designed to improve the health and wellbeing of individuals as they live and work within man-made structures.

By simulating realistic living and working environments—including homes, offices, schools, communities and hotels—the lab will be co-governed by Delos and Mayo Clinic Center with staff from both companies working at the facility.

Upon completion, The Well Living Lab is expected to carry out a diverse range of case studies and projects that include product and technology evaluations, sponsored research and protocol testing.

“The new Well Living Lab provides us with an unparalleled opportunity to work with one of the world’s leading medical institutions to drive new, groundbreaking research in the fields of health and wellbeing,” said Delos founder Paul Scialla. “As an engine for discovering and introducing health and wellness innovations to the industry, the lab will be a sought-after resource for companies all over the world to bring their ideas, products and technologies to be tested and researched.”

Earlier this week, Delos also announced an alliance with WTS International (WTS), the global consultancy which designs and manages spas, wellness and fitness facilities. Together they plan to incorporate Delos’ standards into WTS-designed projects.

This content is adapted from an article on www.spapportunities.com, written by Helen Andrews.

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