5 Tips for A Healthier You in 2017


During her keynote presentation at Face & Body Midwest, Andrea Metcalf presented five tips to kick start your health goals in 2017. To stay healthy in the new year, adopt the following strategies.


  1. Commit. Everyone has excuses: work, kids, clients. Put them aside. If you want to be healthy, you have to commit to being healthy. Committing is the first step in creating a happy healthier you.
  2. Drink. Metcalf encouraged attendees not to drink their calories. She emphasized that you must hydrate, but there are many sources of hydration (not just water).
  3. Move. It is simple. Moving burns calories. We've all heard of the afternoon crash. The point in the day where you feel like you can't go on. The afternoon is a good time to re-focus and energize. If you have a break in the day, turn up the music and do a quick ten minute dance party. If dancing isn't your thing, try a quick walk at lunch time.
  4. Be merry. Attitude is everything. Along with commitment, you must have a good attitude towards your health. If you are constantly defeating yourself, then you will never succeed.
  5. Rest. Need a nap on the weekend? Take it. In order to be healthy, the body needs rest. If you feel tired, it might just be your body telling you that you need to re-charge your batteries. Give yourself a break and get back to it when you are fully rested.
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