Trending: Hay is for...Bathing


WSGN (World Global Style Network) has found an intriguing new treatment has come to the light in the wellness world that apparently helps to relieve pain. The trending treatment called hay bathing is quite literally what it sounds like–taking a bath in a wet pile of hay.

The History of Hay Bathing

There is a hotel in Italy that practices this alternative therapy, which according to Shape Magazine, claims was inspired by a centuries-old practice. Elisabeth Kompatscher, spa manager of Hotel Heubad Spa, explains how farmers who spent their days cutting hay would actually sleep in it for a restful and refreshing night's sleep. 

So, why soak the hay for bathing, you may ask? Kompatscher explains that is to keep the hay from being itchy and uncomfortable. WSGN further explained hay bathing saying, "An ancient tradition in Austria dating back more than 200 years, hay bathing came to light as locals noticed the benefit of hay as a source of pain relief and energizer for the body, as experienced by farmers who slept in it." Clearly, farmers are the consistent component here.

Bring on the Benefits

While this treatment has yet to show many benefits to the skin itself, it is believed that it can make a difference with pain relief. However, the benefits don't stop there. Apparently, this wellness treatment is supposed to improve the immune system, ease muscle pains and enhance circulation in the body.

In an interview with Shape Magazine, Scoot Zashin, M.D., rheumatologist and clinical professor, explained how the benefits may not be exactly what they seem. Zashin explains how there have not been any clinical studies on the treatment, and the warm water used to soak the hay could very well be the reason some people experience pain relief.

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