3 Ways to Beat the Burnout at Face & Body Midwest


It goes without saying, but we are a stressed culture. We spend too much time working, suffer too much pressure and juggle too many things. Spa professionals are especially stretched thin, generally managing families and trying to be a successful professional. This often leads to frustration, more stress and worse – burnout.

"Are you truly meeting the needs of your client or has the true inner beauty of your client remained untouched?" Trish Green, director of marketing and sales for Eve Taylor North America.

In the spa industry though, estheticians have the unique opportunity to deal and lessen these everyday stresses, in their clients and themselves. During Face & Body Midwest, dealing with burnout will be among the hot topics discussed and presented. Through a series of classes and presentations, esthetician will learn how to beat stress in their life and their clients.

“The old saying healthy mind, healthy body is so important as the overall look of your skin is affected by stress and negativity and powerful emotions such as grief, anger, anxiety and depression,” said Trish Green, director of marketing and sales for Eve Taylor North America and Face & Body Midwest presenter.

1. Create a Plan

Betsy Koepke, owner of Betsy Koepke Coaching, LLC, might have an answer to burnout. As an entrepreneur, wife and mother of two, she knows firsthand how hard it can be to manage the stress of every day. During her advanced education class “How to Create Balance Instead of Burnout” on Jan. 23, 2018, she will provide her strategy to balance all areas of life through developing and executing an action plan. She will go into how to gain clarity in an unbalanced life and the importance of celebrating every success.  

Trish Green speaking at Face & Body

2. Add A Bit of Wellness

Two of the fastest growing segments of the spa industry is the medical esthetic segment and the wellness industry. In Trish Green’s supplier class “Blending Wellness Spa Philosophy with a Medical Spa Concept,” she will be discussing how the spa of the future will be one-part med spa and one-part wellness spa.

“Medical Spas and the evolution of clinical treatments accompanied by high end, results-oriented products are now a fact of everyday life in our industry. However true beauty is more than just skin deep,” said Green. “The question remains in offering only clinical treatments and not having complimentary wellness options are you truly meeting the needs of your client or has the true inner beauty of your client remained untouched?”

3. Embrace Holistic Techniques  

If you are looking for a more hands-on approach to addressing stress, lymphatic drainage might offer a way of bringing balance back into your client’s life. During Leslyn Zek’s “Energy Healing in the Spa,” she will be demonstrating how lymphatic drainage can bring about balanced energy. The class will introduce biodynamic lymphatic drainage. 

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