Research Links Dairy and Sugar to Adult Acne


A recent study looked into how the consumption of fatty and sugary products, sugary beverages and milk impacted acne in adults, with some interesting discoveries. This study by French NutriNet-Santé was published in JAMA Dermatology

Acne and Diet

This study included 24,452 participants and followed the association between their diet and acne. The study noted an adjustment for sociodemographic variables and confounding factors, including daily energy intake, the number of dietary records completed and depressive symptoms. 

The present study was conducted from November 14, 2018, to July 8, 2019, and it is a web-based cohort study. The participants completed an online self-questionnaire to categorize their acne status between the options never acne, past acne or current acne. This information was used to determine the association between dietary behavior (i.e. food intake, nutrient intake and dietary pattern) and current or past acne. 

Discovering the Connection

The total number of participants completed at least three dietary records, and of these records 46% of individuals reported past or current acne. After the adjustment was included, there was a significant association between current acne and the consumption of fatty and sugary products. 

Overall, the findings suggest that a Western diet that is rich in animal products and fatty and sugary foods is associated with the acne in adults. Further large-scale studies are warranted to investigate more closely the associations between diet and adult acne. 

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