A Tangy Twist

Citrus fruits not only are packed with healthful benefits, but they also make great natural cleansers and astringents. The fragrant scent instantly rejuvenates and revives, while the natural acidity found in citrus fruit gently buffs the skin.


Citrus fruits are noted for their fragrance and sharp flavor, and are a good source of vitamin C, flavonoids and folate—essential for cell growth and development. The fruits commonly are eaten fresh or juiced. The flowering plants are members of the Rutaceae family and originated in tropical Asia. Fruits considered citrus include oranges, tangerines, grapefruits, lemons and limes.

In the kitchen

The distinct tart taste of citrus complements a variety of dishes, from salads to entrees, desserts and appetizers. Lemon and lime make popular garnishes and often are included in salad dressings. Danesfield House Hotel and Spa in Buckinghamshire, England, serves Roasted Scallops, Braised Rhubarb and Orange. Sample some Lemon and Cottage Cheese Pancakes, which highlight the juice and zest of lemons, at Coolfont ReCreation Resort, ConferenceCenter & Health Spa in BerkeleySprings, West Virginia. Looking for aspecial treat during the warm summermonths? A piece of cool Key Lime Piefrom Lake Austin Spa Resort in Austin,Texas, is a light treat for the summer. Orreach for an Orange Pekoe Tea Popsicleat Seattle’s The Fairmont Olympic Hotel. See also the recipe Signature Citrus Smoothie, courtesy of The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes in Orlando, Florida.

In the spa

Refreshing and sweet-smelling, the appealing scent of citrus commonly is used in a variety of skin care products, as well as the fruit’s natural cleansing properties. Try the Golden Door Signature Bath Collection, which includes bath and shower gel, sea salt scrub with avocado, shea butter and body lotion in a citrus blend. Clearing Citrus Bath Salts, from Indian Springs Napa Valley in Calistoga, California, are a zesty blend that uplifts the spirit and clears the body of toxins, while the Cypress Grapefruit Cooling Leg Gel soothes and relieves water retention. Haken Professional offers a variety of products, from body butter to a spa foot pedicure line in citrus or orange scents. Bioelements Comfortably Clean Daily Showering Gel features citrus, mint aromatherapy oil and aloe vera gel.

The Ritz-Carlton Orlando, Grande Lakes provides several signature citrus-inspired treatments. The East Indian Lime Scalp and Body treatment uses a special recipe of wild lime blossom, ginger and sandalwood blended with avocado, macadamia and hazelnut oils. The scalp and body are massaged with the warmed mixture to increase circulation and nourish the hair. Exfoliate and restore tiredlegs with the Energizing Citrus Leg andFoot Treatment at Keystone Lodge in Keystone, Colorado. Experience The Peninsula Beverly Hills’ Alpha Lipoic Facial that begins with a fresh citrus-scented microdermabrasion scrub. Or achieve balance with the Detox Massage from ONE Spa at The Sheraton Grand Hotel & Spa in Edinburgh, Scotland, infused with uplifting grapefruit, eucalyptus, cypress and juniper berry.

Tasty treats

Whether fresh off the tree or incorporated into a dish, adding citrus is a great way to get healthful benefits with a tangy twist. Add a citrus salt scrub and serve a glass of orange juice, or feature a lime manicure and a special salad with a refreshing lime vinaigrette.

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