Transformative Esthetics: The Journey to Wholeness


As a little girl, I dreamed of being a super hero. I would climb to the top of the monkey bars at school to a dressing room that only I could enter. In front of the vanity, I would do my hair and makeup before changing into my costume. Even at the age of seven, I knew that a super hero had to look good while saving the world. However, the little super hero found she couldn’t save the one person she wanted to save the most: her mom.

Unknown to most, I suffered from severe bouts of depression and harbored unresolved grief from my mother’s suicide when I was 13. My mother had lost her identity and her will to live. My life was a roller coaster ride not knowing if one day I would follow her path or discover my own. At 30, I made the choice to live. Transformative esthetics has grown out of my personal journey to become whole. 

You too can discover the beauty of energy healing and be the inspiration for others. As the link between inner and outer beauty, properly trained estheticians are licensed to touch, and can provide treatments and programs that help clients to heal. (Don't miss Mary's Transformative Journey in the sidebar.)

Healing a Broken Spirit

Stress, anxiety and depression are all conditions of disconnection from one’s subtle energy body. Some call this a broken spirit, where people go through the motions in life without having a sense of identity or purpose.

Contrary to popular belief, healing does not happen only in the mind. It happens within the subtle energy body. In reality, the concept of mind over matter has created excessive stress and anxiety in today’s culture. The mind can help you to choose a different path, but is not where the core of healing takes place.

Every person is part of an energy matrix, which connects all forms of life. The seven major chakras are the organs to the subtle energy body that collect and distribute universal healing energy throughout and around the body. (See Rainbow Chakra Chart in the sidebar.) Like a flower seed, each client has everything within her to bloom and become the person she is meant to be.

Transformative esthetics

Transformative esthetics creates a dialog between the client’s higher self and universal wisdom, sparking her ability to tap into feelings and intuition where guidance is received. Clients release habits and patterns that are not conducive to them being their true selves.

Intuitive thought creates a sensation in the body—like an “aha” moment. In an instant, this thought triggers the sensory nervous system, sometimes sending a chill through the body, activating a call to pay attention.

It also resonates with the heart—the body’s feeling center—to validate the message received. This resonance creates a sense of excitement at the prospect of new possibilities. The mind starts generating ideas to bring this aha moment to fruition. It is up to the individual to follow through and take action.

Components of Transformative Esthetics

A skin care facility can provide treatments and products containing nature’s energy that fill a client’s subtle energy body. Services can be added to the treatment menu or a program can be created to offer a combination of services with education and at-home activities that will accelerate healing. A month-long program is ideal, but longer programs can be created as well.

Because commitment by the client is required, transformative esthetics works best with clients who are dedicated to participating in their own transformation. The ideal client is someone who is searching for more meaning in life, likely someone who has been through a difficult time and feels a calling from within.

Energy Medicines

Energy medicines are the basis for transformative esthetics and a successful healing program.

Reiki is the simplest hands-on healing modality.

It is ideal for the beauty industry because it allows estheticians to perform treatments on themselves and others to balance the chakras within 15–30 minutes. Reiki also clears interference from receiving intuitive thought and feelings by quieting the mind and calming the emotions.

Editor's Note: Check out the author's article, "The Rainbow Reiki Treatment," to learn how to perform this treatment for your clients. 

Meditation and journaling are simple additions to clients’ transformative packages.

These are important components for the client to complete at home. Provide the workbook, along with instructions on how to use it. It takes time to learn how to quiet the mind and many don’t have the patience to be consistent without encouragement.

Flower essences help resolve specific emotional and mental conflicts, and past programming or traumas.

Specific essences related to an individual’s issues can help the client to heal more quickly. Flower remedies can be prepared for retail items that can be purchased or offered as part of the program package. Usually, essences are ingested under the tongue three to four times per day. They can also be prepared as a spray to mist on the skin.

Marketing and Pricing

Within a month, it is common for clients to report less stress and anxiety with more clarity and awareness. With weekly treatment, they are usually balanced by the third visit. Provide packages of four energy treatments to be performed within five weeks to foster success. You also may include one or more of the following: a workbook, workshops or webinars, access to a private Facebook page, or bimonthly classes. Price can range from $500–$1,000, depending on your location and the package.

Market healing programs by hosting a healing event. Start by introducing your program to clients and their friends. Write a blog post about energy healing or send an e-mail campaign to current clients. Position yourself as an expert by speaking at community women’s events and writing articles for local publications.

Find Your Inner Super Hero

There is a super hero in every individual. Life’s challenges can be a wake-up call to feel and reach within. If you have suffered from difficulties in your life and survived, transformation starts with you. Now is the time to step up and be who you are. The world is waiting for you to share your unique talents and gifts!


Linda Bertaut is an esthetician, speaker, author and educator who specializes in transformative esthetics. Her signature wellness treatments and innovative techniques, including reiki and energy treatments, are being used in skin care facilities throughout the country. Find out more at or by contacting at [email protected] or 925-446-6284.


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