Mindful Touch Masking


If you’ve never given much thought to how you apply a face mask during a facial treatment, I invite you now to delve into the wonderful world of mindful touch. This practice should turn your face mask application into a masking ritual. With just a few small adjustments in your mask application technique, you can have a massive impact on how it feels to your client, enhancing their sensory experience.

I believe it’s a healthy practice to regularly analyze what we do on a consistent basis and ask ourselves, “Could I do this in an even better way?” When performing a personal service, we are working within time and cost restraints, so we can’t take all day, and we don’t want to waste product. Preparation and methodical, mindful application are imperative if we want to be economical and time efficient.

The masking ritual can be broken down into four steps:

1. Preparation

2. Application

3. Processing

4. Removal

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Gaynor Farmer-Katics is passionate about teaching estheticians how to refine their touch by increasing their repertoire of massage techniques. With almost 40 years of industry experience as an esthetician, massage therapist and educator, her business Enhanced Touch offers both online and in-person training. Read more at www.enhanced-touch.com.

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