Generational Nighttime Self-Care


Treating clients with empathy, compassion and respect during these challenging times is more important than ever. It is an integral part of your professional obligation, even during times of incredible hardship. This can be difficult to do while you are burdened with the pressures of maintaining and running your business, while constantly checking numbers and flexing to meet shifting needs and overcome opposition.

Whether you are partially or fully reopened, hosting virtual consults/events or working remotely by appointment only, your commitment to helping clients maintain healthy skin care habits are both commendable and extremely valuable. As the dust settles and new hope arises (as it undoubtedly will), most clients will remember how you handled yourself and most importantly, how you made them feel. They will fondly recall your heartfelt guidance, recommendations and investment in their health and wellness. There is no greater reward for your business than a grateful and loyal client.

According to a recent McKinsey Study, 75% of consumers have switched brands during the pandemic.1 This means that they are more open than ever to discover new options for effective self-care that they can feel delivers the results they need. This easy to implement guide, by age range, will empower you to offer clients excellent nighttime self-care recommendations using key messaging and words that are relatable and easy to comprehend. It will not only help you to further solidify the trust they place in your professional expertise, but also empower them with tools to properly invest in attaining and maintaining healthy, radiant skin, regardless of social, seasonal or lifestyle variances. By educating (and often re-educating) clients as to the important role skin health plays not only on their appearance, but more importantly on their self-esteem and outlook, you are encouraging them to look and feel their best, despite rising stress levels and harsh environmental factors. This valuable gift of skin care love is one that only professionals like you are qualified to offer.

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Maritza Rodriguez is the global vice president of marketing and communic­ations for Pevonia International and its related brands. She has worked with some of the most renowned professional skin care brands on image and marketing.


Melissa Morris has been a licensed skin care specialist for over 15 years and serves as the director of education for the East Coast at Pevonia International. She is an industry leader and innovator in the management of medical and holistic wellness facilities and spas; protocol development; basic and advanced educational program implementation and oversight.

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