Becoming the Expert With Ayurveda


Do you ever wonder what makes people so different? Do you wonder why some people are naturally happy and others seem unmotivated? Do you wonder why some clients LOVE hot stone massage and others want to run away at the suggestion of them?

Ayurveda can answer these kind of questions; it is like a secret language that will give you lots of answers and insights. As a spa professional, I have been trained to offer ayurvedic treatments. Even though I do not offer them anymore, I still use the principles to create deep connections with my clients, and it has served me well in growing my business.

The great thing is when you start to understand these principles, you don’t even need to ask clients the questions directly. By simply understanding their likes/dislikes and observing their behaviors, you can speak to them in a way that positions you as the expert.

Ayurvedic Expertise

To use the powerful concepts of ayurveda and position yourself as the expert, you first must understand the basic principles of ayurveda. This beautiful practice is an ancient healing science from India that dates back well over 3,000 years. It is still used today to diagnose illness and ailments. Literally translated, the word ayurveda means the “science of life.”

The practice of ayurveda is also delivered as spa treatments, which requires additional training. You are probably thinking, how will I be able to position myself as the expert if I am not a trained ayurvedic therapist? This article will provide you with the knowledge of how you can better understand your clients without being trained as an ayurvedic therapist. They will be pleasantly surprised as to how much you understand their needs, which creates loyalty and repeat clients.


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Tazeem Jamal is a spa business coach, retail sales catalyst and has been in the industry for over 30 years. She still works hands on as a master esthetician and skin care coach in her own boutique business, Skindulgence Spa in Port Moody, BC, Canada.,,

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