Summer Skin Care Tips

Share the following tips with clients to get them in the summer state of mind.

Believe it or not, summer is coming and Toni Maggiore, spa director at two Vail RockResorts Spas, offers the following tips about how to best prepare skin for the summer months.

  • Advise clients to start their exfoliating rituals now. It is important to do it twice a week. Perspiration and oil production increase during warm weather, causing a faster accumulation of dead cells. Exfoliating removes the ashen, dull surface layer of dead cells and allows lotion to better penetrate the skin, leaving the body silky smooth. Exfoliation also increases blood flow, which reduces the appearance of cellulite.
  • Choose a smarter makeup line. Many spas and cosmetic companies are coming out with mineral makeup, most of these lines have an SPF of 15-20 built into them. If you advise clients to use sunscreen underneath their mineral makeup, they enjoy further protection against sun damage.
  • Remind clients to hydrate their skin, especially when it’s exposed to sun.
  • Stay hydrated! Repeated sun exposure causes water to evaporate from the skin and summertime heat increases sweating rates. Dehydrated skin causes the appearance of scaly, dull, stiff skin. Remind clients to stay hydrated by drinking 5-8 glasses of water per day and eating plenty of fruits and vegetables.
  • Cover up! Make sure to tell clients to always wear a hat and sunglasses if they are outdoors for activities.
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