Sunless Tanning Stats Show Women Seeking a Faux Glow


The Beauty Company releases the fifth in its "Beauty by the Numbers" series, this time focusing on sunless tanning stats. Displayed in an infographic style, The Beauty Company found 99% of respondents said they'd tried a sunless tanner product in the past, showing a nearly universal desire for a healthy (faux) glow. In fact, 92% of surveyed women said they'd used a sunless tanning product within the last six months.

However, when the surveyed women hadn't used a sunless tanner within the past six months, the top reasons for doing do were: experienced streaks or uneven color (87%); experienced an unnatural color (78%); experienced an orange color (52%); said it's too hard to apply (35%); and disliked the tanning odor (30%).

Fifty-nine percent of women surveyed said they'd purchased a sunless tanner product in the past three months, and 82% purchased such products at mass outlets such as Target or Walmart.

Ranking the favored brand, The Beauty Company found Jergens to be No. 1, Tan Towel to be No. 2, L'Oréal to be No. 3, BareMinerals to be No. 4, and Clarins to be No. 5.

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