"Lost" Makeup Supervisor Reveals Favorite Products

The following information is provided as a supplement to the article "Extreme Makeup: On the Set of 'Lost'" by Cathy Christensen running in the February 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine. For more information about the makeup challenges and triumphs on the set of the hit television series, see the article in the February 2008 issue of Skin Inc. magazine or at www.skininc.com/articles.

During the interview between Skin Inc. and Emily Katz, she revealed some of her favorite sun products for use with the extreme environmental demands of the "Lost" set.

"I’ve researched products for longevity and durability. We use a number sunscreens that do not clog the actors’ pores at all; they stay on, and hold up when getting hammered with water and sun, such as Neutrogena Dry Touch 55 and Neutrogena Active/Breathable 45. We also use Japanese sunscreens, which are thin and sheer and work particularly for the most sensitive skins.

After-sun products
"We use an after-sun product that rapidly minimizes sunburn. Recently, a number of cast and crew became really roasted. Most of he cast that tried out ActiFirm’s After Sun Hot Stop and said the stuff really worked."

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