Spot Melanoma: Save A Life!


IMPACT Melanoma is excited to be participating in this year’s Face & Body Spa Conference & Expo on August 26-27, 2018 at the McEnery Convention Center in San Jose, California. In line with the conference’s operative mission, IMPACT Melanoma will be leading two interactive seminars highlighting the organization’s award-winning Skinny on Skin program.

Skinny on Skin is a certification class that drives the awareness and proactive measures of hair and skin beauty professionals to notice and point out questionable skin lesions that might be or lead to skin cancer. Hair and skin beauty professionals are engaged with their client's skin on a daily basis, so this is the preeminent resource you need to make sure you’re doing all you can to provide the best service possible for your clientele.

Do you know your ABCDEs?

One piece that will be a part of the larger Skinny on Skin certification training is this quick rundown of what you should be looking for when spotting moles on your client’s skin using the ABCDEs of Melamona.


One half of the mole is unlike the other half.


The border of the mole is irregular, scalloped or poorly defined.


The mole is varied from one area to another. There may be shades of tan and brown and black and sometimes even white, red or blue.


The diameter of the mole is larger than six millimeters, which is the same diameter of a pencil eraser.


Ordinary moles do not change over time. A mole that changes in size, shape, color or texture is a warning sign as is a mole that tingles, itches, burns, bleeds, oozes or feels strange. Another warning sign for melanoma is a sore that does not heal.

Your Role With Melanoma

As you continually engage with your customer base, you’ll get to know their skin and any moles they have pretty intimately; thus, this positions you, as their beauty professional, to notice changes of these areas over time. It’s important to note that any changes to any moles in any way should be noted, pointed out and evaluated by your client’s doctor immediately.

That’s why this seminar is so important and invaluable to all that choose to register for it. It’s a huge value add to your own company and personal or employee skill set. Melanoma, and other types of skin cancer, is preventable and can be caught early if you watch for the signs.

The Skinny on Skin Class

In a nutshell this class will allow attendees to:

  • Learn how to screen for suspicious moles while performing common skin care and salon services
  • Gain tips for how to talk to clients about your findings
  • Become certified after attending the 90-minute session

Why should you become Skinny on Skin certified?

  • Spa and salon professionals are uniquely positioned to identify skin cancer.
  • Clients visit their beauty professionals on average every six weeks, which is typically more than their doctors.
  • Estheticians, stylists and massage therapists are familiar with their client's skin and work on hard-to-see areas like the neck and scalp where melanoma often goes unnoticed.
  • You are uniquely positioned to help save a life.

As some of the only professionals to closely examine skin on a regular basis, stylists, estheticians, nail technicians and other skin professionals can be educated and able to spot melanoma on a client long before anyone else. Based on the understanding that head and neck melanomas are particularly dangerous, IMPACT Melanoma’s Skinny on Skin program will teach you how to screen for suspicious moles while performing common salon services. Become certified to offer this life-changing service for your customers. Beauty trends change. Changing a life lasts forever.

We’re excited to meet with all of you and teach you the ways of spotting melanomas – and, in the same breath, potentially saving a life.

Along with the informative, interactive sessions, IMPACT Melanoma will be running a silent auction with items donated by exhibitors throughout the entire conference to benefit our non-profit and help fuel the programs we offer. Visit www.IMPACTmelanoma for more information.

We’ll see you at the show!

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