Get Your Clients Red Carpet Ready


Did you watch the The Academy Awards? Many people were amazed by the glitzy fashion, but equally as important to the star's look was healthy, glowing skin.

Dermatologist Harold Lancer, M.D., spoke with New York Magazine's The Cut about technology and tools that he uses to prepare celebrity skin for the red carpet. Specifically, he discussed his exfoliation in addition to radiofrequency, non-invasive lifts and what he calls "babytox." Get your clients ready for their next special events by reading Lancer's approach and developing one of your own.

Lancer noted that before a special event, most of his patients want a uniform skintone on their neck, chest and face. For this, they use his exfoliation product, which is a combination of sodium bicarbonate, natural quartz, pomegranate extract, pumpkin extract and brown sea algae.

In Lancer's practice, treatment starts for a special occasion about three months out. At that time, he does "babytox," a term he uses for a filler with half the usual volume dosage. This helps redefine shadows. About one month out, Lancer begins his body treatments, which include using light therapy to refine discoloration and texture imperfections. At this time, he also uses radiofrequency to treat cellulite. He also does radiofrequency on the face, specifically using Picoway for a number of anti-aging benefits. This radiofrequency is both color-blind and fast.

About three weeks out, Lancer uses String lift, which was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in April 2015. This injectable string is inserted into the skin with a microneedle to lift the skin into place. The string dissolves within 6-12 months.

Lancer does nothing major a few days before the event. He will do facials or a procedure called Microthreading to smooth the texture of the skin with little to no bruising.

While not everyone treats celebrities, every esthetician at some point has a client who sees them before a special event. Design a plan for these clients to get them looking their best within a short period of time.

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