Denver Spa Offers Laser Treatment to Boost Women's Orgasms


Revitalize Laser Care is offering the FDA-approved treatment Cliovana to help increase their female clients' sexual pleasures, and it is the first medical spa in the United States to offer this treatment. With feminine health in the medspa only becoming more popular, Briana Oster, M.D., owner Revitalize Laser Care, had no doubts in her mind when adding this service to her treatment menu. 

How it Works

Cliovana is a patented procedure that provides clitoral cell regeneration by using non-invasive sound wave techniques. This means that the treatment is completely non-invasive and does not use needles, probes, lasers, numbing, freezing or surgery, and it requires no downtime.

It is recommended that clients book four sessions that last at least 10 minutes each to receive the ultimate effects of Cliovana, and this will cost clients roughly $2,000. The entire treatment is centered around the clitoris and working to increase blood flow, circulation and the body's natural regeneration of vascular and nerve cells in the clitoris.

The Benefits

The entire goal of the treatment is to improve short-term and long-term sexual responsiveness in women. Cliovana believes that better sex leads to better everything, and with them reporting that nearly 60% of women aren't satisfied with their sex lives, they want to make a change. 

The effects of the treatment can be felt almost immediately after the service, but as the treatments go on, two in week one and two in week two, the effects will increase over a 3-month period. These effects can also last up to a year, and it can be extended with a single revitalizing session.

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