Trending Celebrity Treatment: Baby Botox


A new trend has made its way into medical spa treatments thanks to Hollywood's finest celebrities. "Baby Botox" is a specific botox treatment than many of the younger celebrities are opting to receive. 

Todd Besnoff, M.D., founder of Ultimate Image Cosmetic Medical Center explained that "'Baby botox' refers to using fewer units of a neuromodular, such as Botox, Dysport or Xeomin, to relax the muscle." Besnoff further explained how this specific treatment reigns in popularity with the millennial generation. 

One of the main reasons this treatment is gaining popularity with younger generations is because of their ultimate goal of preventing fine lines from forming at the skin's surface. While the treatment has blown up on social media, Besnoff finds that there really is not any clinical proof that baby botox does a whole lot more than a standard dose of it. 

However, he does find that "it is not unreasonable to consider using fewer units if there are not static lines present [in the client]." Besnoff does not believe that this hot botox trend will take the cake on popular medical spa procedures simply because there is clinical data that suggests the doses of botox that has been very reliable. 

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