Why a Client Might Opt for Rhinoplasty


With the increased demand for non-invasive treatments, it might come as a surprise that many patients still opt to go under the knife. But what motivates someone to seek treatment? Recently, rhinoplasty specialist Eric M. Joseph, M.D., gave insight into why clients might opt for an invasive treatment like rhinoplasty. 

“Successful rhinoplasty surgery is typically associated with an improved sense of well-being, confidence, and self-esteem,” said Joseph. 

Though the main reason is to make the nose look more natural, clients seek out treatments at different times and for different reasons. A majority of women seek nose job surgery between the ages of 13 and 35 in order to address large, distracting and sometimes masculine noses. The decision to have the surgery might come at a transitional period of the patients' lives, such as attending college or starting a career. 

Additionally, women in their 50s and 60s will opt for rhinoplasty but for different reasons. With age, the tip of the nose tends to droop, which can cause a nasal profile hump. Rhinoplasty surgery can be used to remove the hump and give the nose a more youthful appearance.

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