Brides Turn Toward Medical Spas for Transformed Skin


With summer hot on our tails, weddings have fully sprung into action for the year with many brides looking for the finishing "tweak"ments to their overall wedding day look. The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (AAFPRS) discussed how non-invasive treatments, rank high on engaged couples' lists, with many using their big day as an excuse to fix that flaw that has bothered them for awhile.

“The top three non-surgical treatments for brides, grooms and wedding parties are neuromodulators like Botox Cosmetic, hyaluronic acid injections and chemical peels,” says Phillip R. Langsdon, M.D., president of the AAFPRS. The uptick is believed to be due to the rise in pressure from everyone always looking perfect on social media whether it be from filters or FaceTune. To get to the bottom of what can really be expected in a medical spa setting come wedding season, Skin Inc. gathered some insight from Theda Kontis, M.D., facial plastic surgeon, secretary American Academy of Dermatology and co-owner of the Facial Plastic Surgicenter.

Skin Inc. (SI): What pre-wedding treatments are popular and why do you think brides gravitate toward these treatments?

Theda Kontis (TK): Non-invasive laser skin rejuvenation procedures and injectables provide nice, natural rejuvenation without the need for surgery and healing time. Laser treatments are popular because of the nice results at a minimal cost. Also, brides are using less heavy makeup, so it’s important to have healthy-looking skin.

(SI): When should brides be receiving these treatments?

TK: Never have the first ever treatment right before the wedding. If the client is new to the procedures, have them try the treatment out at least six months before the wedding. Then, you can follow up and treat them again six weeks before the wedding with fillers and Botox.

SI: Are there treatments you like to recommend to brides in advance?

TK: I like to recommend Laser Genesis and micro peel and a simple effective skin care program. The skin care program should be started no less than two months before the actual wedding. The combination of all of this is sure to leave any complexion looking cleaner, healthier and refreshed quickly without adverse reactions.

Also consider vascular laser treatments if necessary. These treatments can also be offered or suggested to the mothers of the bride and groom, as well. 

SI: What suggestions do you have if grooms are seeking out treatments before the big day?

TK: Micropeel is non-threatening to men and a nice way to clean up the skin. Again, this all comes down to skin health and having the skin look healthy come wedding day. Recommend to your male clients that they invest in a good cleanser, exfoliant and hydration. For a sharper, clean look, recommend a professional lather shave to them.

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