Glitz & Glam: Holiday Makeup Trends

Glitz & Glam: Holiday Makeup Trends
This year’s holiday makeup trends are a big nod to the 90s and Y2K eras.

Though 2022 has been transformative and groundbreaking in so many ways, the fashion and makeup trends are taking a step back. This year’s holiday makeup trends are a big nod to the 90s and Y2K eras.

The Night Luxe Aesthetic

This holiday season women will be traversing icy walkways in designer stilettos, ushering bejeweled ball gowns and shimmery slip dresses in and out of snow-covered Ubers. It may not be practical, but it is one of the latest TikTok trends entitled “Night Luxe.” This luxe look includes designer accessories and is a bit ostentatious, but people seem to be overindulging a bit during these post lockdown days anyway. What does all of this mean when it comes to makeup?

The Eyes

Before you reach for those metallic blue shadows, you may want to opt for a bold blue or even save the blue for the morning and use a shimmery pastel for those late-night holiday cocktail parties.

Lashes will be full and fluttery or with lush layers of mascara. Lids will be gilded, glittered, glitzy and glam. These metallic shades will be dark, decadent hues that dazzle with sophistication and light up any dimly lit club.

The Face

This dramatic eye look will most likely be paired with modelesque, contour carved cheeks. For daytime especially, use a dense brush for seamless blending.

A popular TikTok trend is to introduce self-tanners and bronzers into contouring for dimension and a bronzed complexion. Beautifully bronzed skin can support the use of more color, so be bold and try the newest blush trend. To emphasize the apples of the cheeks, artfully blend a matte blush under your eyes. Use a bright coral on darker skin tones and peaches and pinks on lighter skin tones. This technique can also neutralize some of the dark under-eye circles as well.

These beautiful holiday looks need to stay in place until the party is over. One popular technique that can help is to spray a foundation brush with setting spray before dabbing it into the foundation for a flawless look that lasts. Matte foundation is on trend, yet the skin should be luminous. This style is all about luxury, so don’t skimp on the skin care.

All of these techniques together will enhance this overindulgent vibe, which is reminiscent of the decadent party girl esthetic, and this Night Luxe trend. Let’s call this overindulgence compensation for having to postpone celebrations for so long, and being clad in masks for two years — our only visible means of expression being a raised brow. Perhaps this would explain the etiology of this next look which is sure to raise a few brows.

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Lisa Shor is a makeup artist and an esthetics educator at Tricoci University of Beauty Culture. Prior to her current role, she served as director of makeup education for The Art Institute of Makeup, a division of the New Age Spa Institute.

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