Return to Simplified Elegance

Compiled with information from Pantone, Inc.’s Fashion Color Report Fall 2006.

“Fall 2006 is a time to transition back to more dependable colors,” says Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute. With that come simple and clean lines, glamour, and a flair for sophistication.


“For fall, we are forecasting a new trend of basic browns, a new twist to classic colors and an added vibrancy to makeup,” says Michelle Doan, founder and CEO of Emani Cosmetics. “Red-hued lips will make a big comeback this fall. We recommend that eyes be more subtle, but not naked. Because not everyone can wear dark red lip color comfortably, try an alternative sheer cranberry shade. Apply a clear gloss to create luscious, yet wearable lips.”

Naturally shaped brows, a moderately dewy face, lighter lashes and cherry red lips are just a few of the popular trends leading this season’s makeup looks. “A richer lip is in season for Fall 2006,” says makeup artist Candace Corey. “If there is color on the eyes, a softer, more natural lip color can emphasize the sophisticated look.”

According to the Color Marketing Group (CMG), an international nonprofit association of 1,300 color designers, sophistication and experimentation are increasing among consumers for the 2006–2007 season. This means more freedom and playfulness for the makeup enthusiast. Susan Hayes Hoover, CMG chairman of the Consumer Colors Current Committee, notes that the most influential hues are from the red and blue families. The reds are inspired heavily by global influences from Central America and India, and shades are both cooling down and warming up. Rich raspberry reds, cool mauves, deep corals and plush peaches have been growing in popularity.

With the blue family, the environment has been highly significant in creating blue-green combinations that are reminiscent of ocean hues. A new trend is combining this aqueous tone with a rich deep brown to create a retro look. In addition, other earth tones, such as blue-based greens, reflect consumers’ knowledge and awareness of sustainability and eco-friendly products, according to the CMG.

To create a classic fall makeup look that will work on any client wearing any outfit, Lisa Ryan, international makeup artist and director of education at Colorlab Cosmetics, recommends “juxtaposing intense heavy blue-gray eye shadow and smudged liner on the eyes against deep matte red lips and rosy pink chiseled cheeks.”


The trends for fall fashion deepen in color, and emphasize classy coverups and layers. “The neutrals, while simple, provide a landscape for complexity. The touches of rich tones in the palette add an exotic dimension to the neutrals,” states Pantone, Inc.’s Fashion Color Report Fall 2006. Pantone’s Red Mahogany, Purple Magic, Golden Ochre and Mineral Red bring vibrancy and warmth to the neutrals Simply Taupe, Frost Gray, Pale Khaki and Vetiver. See Fall Fashion Colors for this season’s swatches. The ocean blue trend in makeup shows up on the runway in Bijou Blue—a deep navy-teal shade.

Fall 2006 brings back a remix of old styles with a modern twist, according to Fashion Group International. The little black dress makes a comeback. Capes, coats, ponchos and jackets create dramatic opportunities to layer colors and fabrics for added dimension. Accessories become key this autumn, as they add yet another tier. Bags are big and oversized for another season, while wrist clutches make a cameo, as well. Dresses are paired with leggings, tights and knee-highs in varying colors. Strut your stuff in chunky platforms, flats or kitten heels—especially metallic ones. Other essential trimmings include knitted hats, fur accents, layered belts, long gloves and chain necklaces.

This season, try combining some of these must-haves to create intriguing layered combos.

  • Wrap coats and long jackets pair well with skinny pants or a minidress.
  • Chic, tailored suits will be all the rage. Choose one in a basic color.
  • Knitted sweaters and chiffon blouses create delicate, feminine looks that are timeless.
  • A fitted jacket in chocolate brown waxed leather is stylish and edgy.
  • Dress up—the options are endless, from cocktail dress to frock to gown.


With fashion trends highlighting a decadent romanticism, makeup and nails follow suit with rich, warm browns and reds. “The season is one of timeless glamour juxtaposed with modern touches, offering rich colors and a diversity of styles,” says Suzi Weiss-Fischmann, executive vice president and artistic director of OPI. “Fall’s color palette is very sophisticated, with shades ranging from warm brick reds, rich browns and sweet toffees to lighter shades of nature and earth—wheat, sand, cement, gray and moss. Opulent deep jewel tones of ruby, garnet, amethyst and emerald glow, with nails and lips echoing tones of velvety red, purple, wine, fig and grape. Cool metallics also make an appearance.”

Short and bright, deep and glossy, or long and cheerful, adorn nails with colors that add splash to every look. “The brown-and-white combination is the hottest trend of the season,” says Elaine Watson, vice president of marketing and sales at Star Nail International. “Pair it with designs that offer a touch of whimsy, yet keep it sophisticated.”


Riccardo Maggiore, expert stylist and owner of the Riccardo Maggiore Salon in New York, predicts simple, soft hairstyles this fall. “The trend is calling for more natural and unstructured styles, so let hair be free,” he advises. “Hair also is getting longer, so let it grow and love it. Hair color will be a shade or two darker than normal.” Popular hairdos featured on this season’s fashion runways highlighted sleek and off-the-face tresses. Everything from chic pulled-back ponytails to curly tendrils tied with a scarf emphasized low-maintenance, effortless styles. Sweeping hair back also exposes the face and highlights clean makeup looks.

Forecast for winter

Planning ahead for the coming chilly months? Cool porcelain faces with hints of color will reflect a deepened introspective innocence for this winter season. Autumnal earth tones continue to reign as dressing up the face highlights the natural theme of fall. Complemented with muted shades of coal and metal, neutral blues create subdued intensity. Soft, powdery pastels in rosewood, pearly mauve and deep purple are mystical and rich. Metallic golds and bronzes are paired with bare stone and deep blue, as well as rich burgundy, for a dynamic combination.

Fall’s finesse

Returning to basic earth tones, Fall 2006 becomes nature’s playground. Chic, elegant looks evoke classic and effortless style that fits any lifestyle. Keep makeup simple with neutral browns and rich reds. Layers are key for this season’s trends. Add coats, sweaters, leggings and accessories. Nails complement makeup with deep chocolate or bright hues. Sport unstructured sleek, natural tresses pulled away from the face. Together, the season’s trends emphasize a unique style that hints at a return to basics, while playing on the edge.

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