New Year’s Makeover

Model: Nancy Murray, Ormond Beach, FL; Photographer: Chris Dent, Studio City, Jacksonville, FL
Model: Nancy Murray, Ormond Beach, FL; Photographer: Chris Dent, Studio City, Jacksonville, FL

Nancy loves being a mom and wife, as well as spending time on the road with her auctioneer husband. She likes to look her best and takes care of herself. Nancy prefers a soft kiss of color and adores all kinds of lip and body products.

For this makeover, start with a consultation, including a questionnaire and skin care analysis to determine how the client’s skin is doing at this time. Discuss her likes and dislikes, and then make a professional recommendation for her skin and lifestyle. Be sure to do this together; not through a one-sided conversation. After this, decide on color choices together.

Step 1: Cleanse the skin using a hand-held automated cleansing device, which can be sold to the client from your retail area.

Step 2: When time allows, use a skin analyzer to determine what the client’s skin is doing that day. As you know, clients’ skin is ever-changing and so are their product needs.

Step 3: Moisturize with a hydrating cream and apply an eye gel.

Step 4: Apply a salmon-colored concealer to the eyelid to tone down a tired appearance, under the eye area and on any red splotches. Use a stiffer camouflage brush to apply creamy products and then blend with a sponge on a stick.

Step 5: Using a sponge on a stick slightly dampened with water, apply a peaches-and-cream foundation in a natural beige in downward strokes.

Step 6: Apply a soft dusting of Asian rice powder with a fluffy kabuki brush to set the client’s makeup and to conceal redness from hot flashes. It is also great for skin with acne, and oily or combination skin.

Step 7: Next, use a fan brush to apply a soft kiss of coral-brown blush on the apples of the cheeks.

Step 8: Apply an invisible lip liner to give shape and lock lip color from feathering outside the lip line.

Step 9: Apply a shiny, naked gloss with a slight shimmer all over the lips.

Step 10: Next, a nude eye shadow with a hint of yellow should be applied all over the eyelid.

Step 11: Apply a dark brown tube mascara after a lash lift to her lashes. This makes them look lush and fuller. Dark brown can open up the eyes more than black.

Step 12: Cocoa eye liner was applied next to make the lash line look fuller and frame the eyes further. This is applied after the mascara is completely dry.

Step 13: Set the makeup with a spray of rose water. It smells divine and makes the makeup look softer than a powdery look.

Makeup artist tips and tricks

Always end the makeup session by providing a beverage of the client’s choice. Healthy and fun treats should be offered, as well as a heated mitten hand treatment with a luxurious brand of hand and body products. Or, in very cold weather, consider providing a paraffin hand treatment during the client’s makeup session. Clients love this bonus treat, and they usually will purchase the hand products used from your retail area, too.

It is also important to provide a face chart painted and labeled with the products used during a session. You should also provide a written how-to explanation, along with a coupon inside the client’s bag of purchases or at checkout providing a discount off her next visit and purchase. People love surprises, especially if it is a savings off their next retail purchase, add-on or free sample.

Noreen Young is an educator and a skin therapist who owns her own beauty business in Florida. She is a sought-after speaker in the spa industry and a frequent contributing writer to spa trade publications. Young is also a television beauty reporter/contributor and a health columnist for the Florida Times-Union newspaper, has worked as a spa consultant, and with fashion designer Diane von Furstenberg, The Larry King Show, Wrangler Jeans-Italy and Revlon Roux professional products.

Cosmetic products and supplies courtesy of Bio-Therapeutic, Inc., Clarisonic, Farmhouse Fresh, Irresistible Beauty Cosmetics, Noreen Young Cosmetics Collection and Shadow Shields.

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