Lifting and Tinting Lashes


With a momentum that goes head to head with what we have seen in years past with lash extensions and at home eyelash growth products, lash lifts are another booming eye enhancement option in the beauty industry.

For the 10 years that I ran my brick and mortar location in the Midwest, eyelash enhancements were our biggest revenue producer next to eyebrow shaping. We were the first to bring in eyelash extensions and one of the first to offer eyelash perms in Minneapolis. It was remarkable to see an overwhelming interest in eyelash enhancements. I have been in this industry almost 20 years and am trained in a variety of services, and lash lifts paired with a tint are my favorite eye enhancement services to not only receive but also offer our customers.

Benefits of Lash Lifts

In the few years since my departure from running my own brick and mortar business, options for semi-permanent lash curling have already evolved. Lash lifts are the evolution of earlier forms of eyelash perming techniques. I am enthusiastic about the benefits and effects of a lash lift as a stand-alone treatment or paired with a tint, as discussed below.

“My Lashes are That Long?”

Similar to lash curlers and lash perms, lash lifts curl the lashes upward in a way that makes them showcase their natural length, but this may not be visible when they are in their natural state. I was able to chat with Colleen Maloney-Ray, a Minnesota-based veteran esthetician.

“I see clients of all ages, but we see the best results in aging women, as it really opens the eyes. Some women didn’t even know they had long lashes before we did the treatment!”

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Leah Simon-Clarke is a licensed esthetician and consultant. In the 20 years Simon-Clarke has spent in the industry, her success has been driven by honing her skills in customer service, service innovation, marketing, and public relations. Find Simon-Clarke through Twitter @LeahSimonClarke or Linkedin by name.

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