Top 5 Hair Removal Trends


Leading waxing specialist Katherine Goldman has over 10 years of experience as a licensed esthetician. She is the founder of Stript Wax Bar, a modern waxing boutique that has five locations across Los Angeles and the Bay Area, and offers the top 5 hair removal trends.

1. Brazilians are here to stay! The Brazilian wax is truly a phenomenon and is not going away anytime soon. More and more people are falling in love with this waxing and consider it an important part of their beauty routine.

2. Vajazzling. Vajazzling is the application of Swarovski Crystals to the skin, usually in a pattern such as a heart or a star to adorn the area in an attractive way. Vasparkling is similar to a temporary tattoo in that a template is placed on the skin and a medical grade skin adhesive is applied. Afterward, this multicolored glitter is added to glue to form the pattern and complete the look. *Stript offers both Vajazzling and Vasparkling to enhance the look of any body area that has been waxed.

3. Quality is in. As waxing becomes more popular, people are looking to make sure they are receiving the highest quality of service. There is a lot that can go wrong at a waxing appointment so people are now making sure they go to a salon that specializes in quality waxing services. That means no double dipping the wax sticks!

4. Hair reduction treatments. Combine your waxing with a hair reduction treatment such as the Depilar System. This product, when combined with waxing, reduces the amount of hair that grows and is completely painless for the client.

5. Hard wax. Hard wax is great for sensitive body areas such as the face and bikini. This wax adheres only to hair and shrink-wraps around it, lifting it cleanly out of the root. It can minimize irritation and is better for sensitive skin.

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