Brows and Beards For Bros

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Are you limiting your spa’s client base by not appealing to men? If so, you are doing it all wrong. Man-up and attract male clients to your services. The stigma of men’s grooming and taking care of their lashes and brows has faded away, and the male population has turned to grooming and taking care of their appearance as a means of style. Have you started your journey to male grooming? How can you attract more men into your spa? Let’s talk beard tinting, bleaching, brow lamination and lash curl services.

Beard Tinting

Do you have male clients that are beginning their beard journey? They may have that 5 o’clock shadow, but struggle with patchiness. Or maybe you have clients who can never quite get past the peach fuzz stage. Well, say hello tint and goodbye patchy beard growth. With tinting, you will be able to give just the right amount of even coverage to give your client confidence as he showcases his beard to his friends to say, “Hey guys, I’m growing a beard.”

What about your Samson-like clients that don’t lack in the beard department, but complain about how they ended up with so many different shades of color in their beards and even some brassiness?

If you market it just right, you will have men ditching the drugstore dye products and heading to your salon/spa for a touch up to even out the color and get rid of those red tones.

Beard Bleaching

Does your client have a salt and pepper shaded beard? This type of client may not be ready to showcase his wisdom with grey hair and just can’t get that proper coverage with his at-home products. Beauty experts to the rescue. Pre-soften their beard with a safer bleaching method made specifically for the facial area. All of this beard talk makes me want to get tinting.

Brow Lamination

Social media went crazy when brow lamination came out. Brow transformations were popping up everywhere. We may have thought about our female clientele, but did you think about marketing brow lamination to relax unruly and curly brow hairs for your male clientele? Think of the Jack Nicholson brows that could use a little taming. Well, maybe they could use a lot of taming. Let’s be honest, though, those furry friends have made Jack who he is now. If a male client was summoned to you because their partner was fed up with waking up beside those two beasts, be ready to take on this task and relax the bonds out of those brow hairs.

With lamination, you wouldn’t necessarily give them that glamorous full and thick, glossy brow. Instead, you will relax it just enough that the hair is not curled or unruly and then set it in place with the neutralizer. This process is the best thing to see in action when those hairs relax. Pair the service with a light tinting color and a wax to frame the face. Both the client and their partner will be happy.

Lash Curl

Now this brings us to lashes. Would you ever have thought to market lash curls to your male clients? Well, let me tell you, it is in demand. Many do desire to have a fresher look around the eye area, as downcast lashes can make eyes look a little tired. By giving lashes a softer curl with a larger lash roller, you will be able to give them a subtle look that will indeed freshen up their face and open the eyes. If their lashes are blonder, look-into adding a light to natural brown tint to create a subtle lash enhancement. No more looking like a zombie after a long night.

Market It Right

Learn to market yourself properly by tapping into your strong female clientele base, as these clients may have husbands, boyfriends, fathers, brothers, uncles, partners and friends that can benefit from these services. All men are potential customers at your fingertips. And most importantly, shift your mindset on your social media accounts, as most of the time, posts that are advertising your services are female oriented. Start utilizing male models and text supporting male grooming within your spa/salon.

Future Loyal Clientele

Whether it is beard tinting, bleaching, brow lamination, lash curl, you name it, men are all for it. Reluctant men become loyal clients when you understand their needs and expectations.

Chrissie Paraschos is the North America lead instructor for RefectoCil Lash & Brow Styling as well as an infection control specialist. With over eight years of experience as esthetician and over six years experience as the North America lead instructor for RefectoCil, she continues her education and training with ongoing certification programs in the spa and beauty world.

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