Masterfully Waxing Coarse Hair


Have you ever attempted to remove a strip of wax on coarse hair and felt like there was a small army of stubborn little men pulling against you in a game of tug of war? You’re not alone.

We often hear the term “coarse hair,” but what does it really mean? Coarse hair is a term that is used to describe the thickness of the hair strand itself. Coarse hair has the largest diameter (or thickness) of all, and it contains all three hair structures and can vary from pin straight to coiling curls. Since we are mammals, our bodies are covered in hairs of varied texture. The texture of our hair is greatly influenced by our genetics and like everything else in our body, hair changes with the aging process. Before this article gets into tips and tricks in removing coarse hair, we will first talk about curl pattern and follicle placement.

Curl Pattern Matters

Coarse hair can vary from pin straight to kinky curly. Coarse straight hair tends to be a bit easier to wax than coarse curly hair, as it is easier to determine the direction of hair growth and it is generally not as dry. Curl pattern matters to waxers because the curlier the hair, the more prone it is to being dry. The skin’s natural lubricants cannot travel down the full shaft of curly hair as easily as it does straight hair, leaving curly hair drier, more brittle and prone to breakage. Systemic dehydration, which is a deficiency of water, can also contribute to the hair being fragile and brittle. If the hair’s curl pattern is such that the curl begins as it breaks the surface of the skin, it can be harder to assess the direction of the growth without stretching the hair strand to see the root.

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