7 Tips for Seamlessly Blending Devices into Your Services

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We have gathered expert advice from industry professionals on device/modality treatments, and we are bringing these tips to you.
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This month we asked industry pros for their input on utilizing the benefits of devices/modalities in the treatment room. We have gathered expert advice from industry professionals on device/modality treatments, and we are bringing these tips to you. 

Tip 1: Lean into AI & Technology for Client Customization

Imagine a world where advanced skin analysis, once limited to exclusive clinics, is readily available to professionals everywhere. This is the reality we’re entering now. Devices are becoming accessible, compact and seamlessly integrated into skin care practices. The integration of AI is truly groundbreaking. These devices provide unparalleled precision in analyzing skin concerns, allowing for highly personalized treatment plans. We can now validate the effectiveness of treatments in real-time, fostering trust and transparency. This personalized approach ultimately leads to better results and happier clients. The future is incredibly exciting. We’ll see AI playing an even greater role, not just in analysis, but also in treatment recommendations and product development. We’re moving towards a future where technology empowers professionals to deliver truly transformative skin care experiences.

Val Neicu, Co-founder and CEO of Smart SKN

Tip 2: Offer Combination Therapies

Get into the habit of layering your treatment day plan with devices like Hydrafacial, lasers, peels, microneedling, RF and HIFU. Technology in the skin care industry is accelerating full speed ahead. The best way to harness all of these great new devices and modalities is to develop a combination treatment plan that checks all the boxes for your client and their skin type. This helps you as the provider specialize and monetize your treatment room, while achieving your skin care transformation at a faster timeline!

—Brittany Blancato, Celebrity Aesthetician

Tip 3: Choose Partners that Provide Device Support

Choosing the right microdermabrasion device for your business goes beyond mere functionality — it’s about investing in a partner that prioritizes your success every step of the way. Customer service and brand reputation should be top-of-mind when considering your machine options. Look for a provider that offers comprehensive technical assistance, on-time delivery, problem-solving solutions, and ongoing support. Your choice reflects a commitment to ensuring your clients the highest level of service and satisfaction. Invest wisely to elevate your business and get the most out of your device.

—Jeanine Faust, President of UBS Aesthetics / Distributor of PowerPeel

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Tip 4: Boost Client Loyalty with Smart Device Marketing

Our guests are more savvy than ever, and as a professional, it is important to be knowledgeable and up-to-date with the different devices on the market. Our guests look to us to guide them towards which at-home device is best for their skin. It helps build trust with our guests when we use the device that we are marketing in the treatment room or personally at home. Consistency is key to achieving results, so having that partnership between professional and retail devices helps to work together to reach the desired goal. When the guests can experience the device, receive a tutorial, and see results they are more likely to invest in a device that you are retailing, and in return, this helps increase sales and client loyalty.

—Lindsay Owen, Lead Esthetician and Woodhouse Spa Ambassador

Tip 5: Lean into The Rise of Modalities in The Treatment Room & in Retail

There has been a surge in the popularity of modalities of treatment such as LED light therapy. This method specifically uses certain wavelengths of light: red for collagen stimulation, blue for acne treatment, green for pigmentation balance, and more - offering a non-invasive and versatile skin care approach for various concerns. This trend has even led to the development of accessible light therapy devices designed for non-professional use, providing individuals with the convenience of experiencing the treatment and its benefits within the confines of their own homes.

—Renee Sison, Esthetician and Vagaro Product Marketing Manager

Tip 6: Create a Luxury Device Experience

The secret sauce to a high end clientele that keeps coming back for more is developing a menu with signature modality rituals exclusive to your practice. I crafted a series of customizable luxury treatments that seamlessly integrated various devices and advanced modalities: dermaplaning, microcurrent, microdermabrasion, advanced extractions, Celluma LED, Glo2, laser, and chemical peels, to name a few. Instead of having a base facial with no modalities, I added them into my signature No Filter Facials and timed each service accordingly using a "Good, Better, Best Marketing Strategy." This allows our client’s to pick the time they wanted to spend on the table, and lets my team of professionals create an indulgent experience clients can’t find anywhere else. It’s not just a facial; it’s a results oriented luxury skin care experience.

—Laticia Kristine LE, CEO & Founder of No Filter Aesthetics & Certified Sr Paramedical MD Skin Revision Therapist

Tip 7: Offer Devices for Every Skin Concern

In today’s highly competitive marketplace it’s critical to offer technology in every skin service. This not only leads to accelerated skin improvement, but satisfies your clients desires for instant visible results. From deep cleansing with microsonic or ultrasonic brushes and applicators, to progressively layered wet microdermabrasion or nano-tip microexfoliation for remove dulling skin debris, evening skin tone and boosting skin smoothness. To firming, lifting and toning with microcurrent, there is no shortage of amazing tools you can add to your arsenal and use throughout multiple steps of the service.

—Annet King, VP of Business Development for Bio-Therapeutic

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