Cooling Spa Treatments to Prep for Summer

Some spa treatments ideal for summer includes cryotherapy, cooling facials, body wraps and soothing masks.
Some spa treatments ideal for summer includes cryotherapy, cooling facials, body wraps and soothing masks.

Unlike traditional spa treatments that focus on heat, these spa treatments in Bangkok incorporate cooling elements that are ideal to help escape the summer heat, per an article from Prestige.

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Cryo Sauna Therapy at RAKxa

Cryo Sauna Therapy, Cryotherapy and Cold Therapy are all used to refer to the cooling spa treatment at RAKxa. Cryotherapy is designed to bring the body temperature down at the tissue and cellular level to provide beneficial physiological changes and therapeutic effects into the body.

Cool and Calm Facial at Anantara Spa

Anantara Spa’s Cool and Calm Facial is a 60-minute facial that’s specifically designed for calming inflammation after sun exposure, helping skin cool down and stay refreshed. This facial is also specifically designed for sensitive and reactive skin, and it assists in repairing, stabilizing and protecting the skin’s surface.

Facial Age Freeze at Happening Nail & Hair Spa

The Facial Age Freeze treatment keeps skin refreshed and revitalized for a youthful effect. The facial includes a cryo ball massage, a face mask by Esthemax and a facial cleanse.

After Sun Recovery at SPA Cenvaree

SPA Cenvaree’s refreshing treatment designed specifically for the summer is called After Sun Recovery. This treatment is inspired by local traditions in Bangkok and utilizes a soothing wrap of red rice and ground herbs cooked in milk. These ingredients are applied to the sun-exposed skin, followed by an aloe vera and cucumber massage and the treatment finishes with a foot massage.

Summer Skin Cooler at Spa Botanica

Spa Botanica’s Summer Skin Cooler is an all-over restorative treatment designed to help cope with the summer heat. The one-hour body wrap includes gentle exfoliation, followed by an intensive layering of rose gel, lavender oil and shea butter-rich body cream, a hydrating mask and finishes with an Ayurvedic scalp massage.

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