Massage Treatment Finds Balance with Aromatic Blends


With emotions and stress as the top source for weight concerns, a new body treatment has incorporated the aromachological benefits of essential oils and massage methods for overall well-being and balance.

Aromatic Blends for Balance 

Massage expert Chico Shigeta and aromachologist Patty Canac worked with Decléor to develop a tailor-made body shaping program, Aroma Blend, using 25 efficacious essential oils from the aromatic world. These 100% pure and natural essential oils and plant oils are pure concentrates of active ingredients. Adapted to the singular needs of the client, they are said to bring overall detoxing, slimming and firming benefits to the body while also balancing and recharging the emotions by relaxing, energizing and harmonizing.

Stemming from high-tech aromatherapy, the four body concentrates are listed below.

Refine: Drains, stimulates, decongests
  • Zest of Citrus Paradisi - Israeli Grapefruit
  • Flowers & Stems of Origanum Majorana – Egyptian Marjoram
  • Leaves of Pogostemon Cablin – Indonesian Patchouli
Firmness: Tones, stimulates, regenerates
  • Leaves of Cistus Ladaniferus – Portuguese Cistus
  • Leaves of Rosmarinus Officinalis L.- Moroccan Rosemary Cineole
  • Flowers & Leaves of Pelargonium Asperum – Egyptian Geranium
Flat Waistline: Balances and soothes
  • Flowers of Lavandula Angustifolia – French Lavender
  • Seeds of Foeniculum Vulgare – French Fennel
  • Zest of Citrus Sinensis – Italian Sweet Orange
Light Legs: Drains, stimulates, refreshes
  • Root of Vetiveria Zizanoides – Madagascar Vetiver
  • Leaves of Mentha Piperita – European Peppermint
  • Flowers & Stem of Helichrysum Italicum – French Everlasting Flower

Inspired by Neuroscience Research, the three active oils with aromachological accords include the following:

Relaxation: Calms, fights stress, improves sleep
  • Flowers of Chamaemelum Nobile – Italian Chamomile
  • Flowers of Citrus aurantium – Tunisian Neroli
  • Zest of Citrus sinensis – Italian Sweet Orange
Energy: Stimulates, invigorates, clears the mind
  • Zest of Citrus Limonum – Argentinian Lemon
  • Leaves of Mentha Piperita – European Peppermint
  • Bark of Cedrus Atlantica – French Cedar
Harmony: Comforts and soothes feelings of melancholy
  • Flowers of Rosa Damascena – Turkish Rose d'Orient
  • Pod of Vanilla Planifolia – Bourbon Island Vanilla
  • Flowers and leaves of Pelargonium Roseum Asperum – South African Geranium

For best results, Decléor recommends 10 sessions of one hour in-spa treatments. Read more in Skin Inc. about how an aromatherapy bar can be profitable for your spa.

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