Bye Bye Bacne: Treatments and Prevention Methods


People who suffer from acneic skin are always going to look for ways to treat and prevent it from happening. However, with so much focus on how to treat or get rid of facial acne, it can be easy to forget that clients may be suffering from body acne as well. Skin Inc. met with Gunna Covert, esthetician and co-owner of D A P H N E Studio and Penelope & The Beauty Bar, to learn about the body acne treatment that she uses on her clients. 

Skin Inc. (SI): What are good steps for body acne prevention?

Gunna Covert (GC): We sweat more in the summer months, so take body showers regularly to wash away the sweat, dirt and oil. If you work out, this is especially important. I also recommend wearing loose, natural fibers like cotton to keep moisture at bay.

SI: What is this treatment, and how does it specifically target and treat body acne?

GC: For the We Have Your Back treatment, we first deep clean, then we exfoliate the skin to remove the dead skin cells and buildup. This also helps to prepare the skin for any extractions that may be needed. We finish this treatment with a soothing and purifying mask.

SI: What is the difference between face and body acne? 

GC: Our faces have more oil glands that naturally hydrate our skin. That’s why more people are prone to facial acne. However, the pores on our bodies are larger, which can make us more prone to inflammatory acne.

SI: What are some home-care steps for estheticians to give their clients who suffer from body acne? 

GC: We love [lotions] that exfoliate, hydrate and regenerate skin. They gently remove dead skin cells, balance the epidermis and regulate sebum. After cleansing your body, apply the product all over using upward strokes.

SI: Why does body acne occur? 

GC: Unfortunately, there’s a variety of different factors. You can suffer from breakouts in the summer from the heat and sweat, be genetically prone to oily skin or have hormone fluctuations that cause it.

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