Treatment How-to: Teen Sugar Scrub

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The granulated particles of sugar in the Teen Sugar Scrub serve as tiny scrubbing beads that slough off dead surface skin cells and smooth rough patches of skin. The sugar scrub must be applied to dry skin in a gentle, circular motion in order for the exfoliating action of the beads to work properly, removing as much of the dead skin cells as possible while also unclogging skin pores. The sugar glides over the dried patches of skin, removing them to reveal soft skin underneath. The glycerin in the scrub moisturizes the skin, making it soft and giving the complexion an overall glow. A sugar body scrub rejuvenates the skin and can be used on any part of the body.

Treatment duration: 50 minutes

Treatment cost: $115

Products needed:

1 scoop lemon sugar body scrub

1 pump citrus shower gel

1 pump citrus massage oil

Citrus body balm, warmed in hot cabinet

Step 1: Greet the client and ask her to fill out a health questionnaire. Go over any issues that may arise from this information, check for ingredient allergies and remember that scrub contraindications include broken skin, rash or sensitivity.

Step 2: Make sure the treatment room is warm, and ask the client to disrobe and lie face down on the treatment table under the sheet. Leave the room for privacy and return when the client is ready.

Step 3: Rub some of the citrus body balm on your hands and place them under the client’s mouth and nose. Instruct her to breathe in deeply for three or four breaths to experience the aromatherapy benefits of the balm.

Step 4: Starting on left side, apply scrub gently in upward motions toward the heart, working all areas, including feet, legs and back. Complete the entire backside of the client.

Step 5: Next, help the client turn over, holding the sheet for privacy, and continue the treatment on the front of the body, exfoliating all areas including feet, legs, arms, décolleté and stomach, if the client desires

Step 6: Use warm towels to remove scrub from feet before showering to avoid any accidents due to slipping.

Step 7: Help the client wrap in a towel and lead her to the shower. Instruct her to take a warm shower to rinse off the scrub residue.

Step 8: While the client is showering, remove the used towels and sheets, and reset the treatment table.

Step 9: After the client is finished showering, have her lie face down on the table under the sheet again.

Step 10: Apply citrus body balm to the back of the body using effleurage strokes. Next, ask the client to turn over and continue moisturizing the front side of the body.

Step 11: End with gentle scalp movements to conclude the treatment.

Step 12: Provide sandals and allow the client time to dress. When ready, provide her with a glass of lemon water and guide her to the relaxation room.

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