Pure Vanilla Manicure Treatment How-to


Treatment duration: 45 minutes

Treatment cost: $55


Vanilla exfoliant

Vanilla mask

Vanilla body Frosting

Sanitizing soak

Cuticle softener

Supplies needed:


Orangewood stick



Set up:

Set up manicure station with product and towels.

Step 1: Fill manicure dish with warm water, marbles and sanitizing soak.

Step 2: On the client’s first hand, remove any existing polish, groom nails and apply cuticle softener to cuticles. Place fingers in manicure dish.

Step 3: Repeat on opposite hand.

Step 4: On first hand, push back cuticles, buff the top of the nail and nip all dead skin.

Step 5: Repeat on opposite hand.

Step 6: Exfoliate hand and lower part of the arm with vanilla exfoliant.

Step 7: Place a warm hand towel over the hand and arm. Gently roll it down the arm in order to remove the exfoliating product. Make sure you remove product thoroughly.

Step 8: Repeat on opposite hand.

Step 9: Apply vanilla mask to the hands and leave on for five minutes.

Step 10: Remove mask from the hands with a warm towel using the compression method and pat dry.

Step 11: Massage hands with vanilla body frosting.

Step 12: Remove all products from nail plate and apply polish.

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