Now Trending: 6 Body Care Trends


Body care has been a very popular topic lately with more clients realizing that their skin does not stop at their face. Check out the expert advice on what is trending now in body care in the spa industry.

  • Trend: Proactive Probitoics - Industry Expert: Dawn Clifford, Glowbiotics
  • Trend: Waterless Treatments - Industry Expert: Jessica Timberlake, Éminence Organic Skin Care
  • Trend: Multi-Purpose Solutions - Industry Experts: Stacy Honda, DAPHNE Spa and Tahl Humes, M.D., VITAHL Medical Aesthetics
  • Trend: Advancing Anti-Aging - Industry Experts: Aimee Werner, Whish and Cristi DiBernardo, U.SK Under SKin
  • Trend: Natural Remedies - Industry Expert: Ildi Pekar, celebrity esthetician
  • Trend: CBD Power - Industry Experts: Stacy Verbiest, W!NK and Jean Shea, BioTone

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