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Reflections: Worth It

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Time is a hot commodity these days, not just for clients but for everyone. Clients today are potentially more selective about how they spend their time than they are on how they spend their money. After all, time is money, and there is never enough of it. As celebrity facialist Ada Ooi notes on Page 20, “Unfortunately, we are now in a world where time has become an utter luxury, so if someone books you for a decent amount of time, it’d better be worth it.”

So let me ask you this, are you worth it? If you hesitate at all, you may want to revisit a client’s experience with you. The impression you make upon each and every client is of supreme importance, because clients talk both in person and online.

Although we may tend to think that the treatment itself makes the biggest impact, a client’s impression is also influenced greatly by the environment and each staff member’s customer service.

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As Brittney Waugh notes on Page 54, when it comes to a client’s experience, it is the details that make a huge impression. When she renovated her spa, she focused on the lobby, noting that it is the client’s first impression. She suggests walking outside and re-entering your spa space. What impression do you think it makes? If it is a bad one, it may be time for a little sprucing up. Waugh emphasized how customer service should be a priority in our business, and adds that having a client rapport is of supreme importance.

Of course, all the customer service in the world won’t amount to a return client if the treatment is bad. Integral to the success of a treatment is the intake and consultation, which Mark Lees details on Page 36. He delves into how to prepare for a consultation, what to say during, how to explain treatments and how to recommend the right home care to compliment the treatment. Interestingly, he also notes that preparation involves the entire team, and the environment is an important part of that equation.

Professional skin care has enough competition in the marketplace with online sales, department stores, the drug store and the lady down the street selling miracle creams. Make every client visit efficacious and an experience and they will see that you are worth EVERY. LAST. MINUTE.

Yours in Service,

Katie Anderson

Katie Anderson

Senior Managing Editor

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