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Cathy Christensen

Cathy Christensen

When was the last time you saw your skin care facility with a fresh pair of eyes? Whether you’ve gotten some suspicious feedback from clients or read an uncomfortable review on Yelp, there may be some clues indicating that it is time to clean up your spa’s act. First impressions are so incredibly important and, even if a client has a great experience with the person who took her appointment, she may have second thoughts if she comes into your reception area, only to sit in a worn out, stained chair with aging paint on the walls and out-of-date decor. You might be so busy day to day that you don’t even know this decor depletion is happening. The author of our cover story, Heidi Lamar, was taken off guard with an unkind Yelp review, but quickly realized that action needed to be taken if she was going to survive in her highly competitive marketplace. She takes you step-by-step through her shoestring-budget renovation in “Update Your Facility on a Budget.”

Another area that may need a renovation—in both decor and desire—is your retail area. According to new research from Mintel, 42% of skin care consumers seek products with multiple benefits; 37% say they only purchase products from brands they trust; and nearly a quarter (24%) are looking for facial skin care products that are “free-from” certain ingredients. Is your retail area carrying these types of products, as well as other products that your specific clientele is seeking? Do you have a program in place that will help incentivize your team to sell retail? Is anyone asking clients the question: “Would you like to take this home with you today?” Perhaps it’s time to renovate your retail area, too ... in more ways than one.

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Cathy Christensen
Cathy Christensen

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