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[Infograhpic] Celebrating 10 Years With Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare

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Osmosis Pür Medical Skincare has announced the celebration of its 10-year anniversary with a timeline of its company history.

Founded by Ben Johnson, M.D., in 2007, the goal of the company was to change the direction of skin care away from excessive exfoliation and to renew focus on dermal remodeling. Osmosis philosophy is based on analyzing the skin and body as whole to holistically treat skin conditions.

In addition, Osmosis Pür Medical Skincare has released a timeline of some its biggest moments from its 10 years in business. 

Timeline of Osmosis events

“At the 10-year mark, I feel tremendous gratitude for you and for what we have accomplished. Together we are changing the direction of skin care to a more holistic, permanent approach,” said Johnson.