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Creating Confidence starts in the Treatment Room

Danne Montague-King-DMK

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DMK educational programs were developed to give licensed estheticians and other skin professionals an advanced understanding of the skin, its anatomical and physiological functions, and how internal and external stressors affect its appearance, causing what we know as skin conditions.

These programs have been designed from DMK’s approach to Skin Revision and have been broken down into courses to build confidence and understanding of both professional treatments and Home Prescriptives -DMK’s product line.

The first course is a webinar called “Fundamentals Intro to Skin Revision” where the participants are firstly introduced to Skin Revision, they learn DMK’s concept of Remove. Rebuild. Protect. Maintain.®, how our Home Prescriptives work with the skin, not just on the skin, and what sets DMK apart from other professional skincare brands or over-the-counter options.

Following the webinar - since it is a certification course - the newest DMK Skin Therapists are allowed to take Program One, our second course in DMK’s Education program. In this hands-on two-days workshop, attendees learn the science behind DMK formulations, how to perform our Enzymatic Treatments, and when and how to prescribe our Home Prescriptives -based on skin condition- to guarantee a long-lasting result on the clients’ skin. After approving Program One, the newly DMK Therapists are allowed to purchase wholesale our entire Home Prescriptives line, back bar sizes, and gain access to other benefits.

Once the therapists have gained the fundamental knowledge and experience in the first two programs, they may be invited to DMK’s third course called Paramedical Skin Revision, where they will be trained to perform our most advanced and exclusive treatments. Approving all three levels benefits the clinic or salon owner by having complete trust in their DMK Skin Therapists when they perform DMK treatments on their clients.  This also benefits DMK to ensure that all DMK Therapists are working to the highest level of proficiency.

The webinars are always live, which allows the participants to ask questions in real time and sometimes get a surprise cameo from DMK founder Danné Montague-King himself.  Program One and Paramedical Skin Revision are taught all over the US by DMK Account Managers, and internationally by our official International Distributors in over 40 countries.

Since DMK is an education-first company, we invest greatly in our Education programs, revising the syllabus and techniques to always provide the latest approach in skincare, however, the DMK concept has preserved its accuracy and efficiency since its conception over 50 years ago, witnessed in thousands of successful results that keep coming and showing one thing in common: the client’s glowing skin and their renewed confidence.

For a skin professional, developing a sustainable business is paramount, which is why DMK offers the best client relationship. Aside from learning all our treatments and techniques, DMK sends all potential customers to their certified clinics and spas in their area.  DMK does not compete with their certified clinics and estheticians in retail, assuring that the DMK Skin Therapist is the only point of purchase for the clients.

Join countless of success stories and start Building a World of Confidence® today with DMK Professional Skin Revision.


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