Bio-Therapeutic Introduces New bt-Sculpt PRO Facial Electrode Probe

Bio-Therapeutic bt-Sculpt Pro
Bio-Therapeutic has introduced the new bt-Sculpt Pro.
Photo courtesy of Bio-Therapeutic

Bio-Therapeutic has taken microcurrent to the next level with its new bt-sculpt PRO facial electrode probe, offering advanced facial lifting, toning and skin work in a patented new facial electrode probe that still delivers two channels and four pathways with the convenience of single handed use. The bt-sculpt PRO probe connects to either the bt-nano or Bio-Ultimate Platinum, in place of standard probes, enabling single handed use of both unit’s powerful programming and numerous sequence options.

Both the bt-nano and Bio-Ultimate Platinum showcase Suzuki Sequencing, a proprietary form of microcurrent that delivers frequency specific waveshapes over two channels. The bt-sculpt PRO’s K4iTEK probe system gently grips the skin and provides and optimum level of lift to the facial landscape, while four probe tips create an interferential canvas on the skin surface that delivers exponentially more coverage than competitor devices.

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]Bio-Therapeutic’s True Microcurrent is computer calibrated 1,024 times every second, ensuring that optimum current is always being delivered to the skin, overcoming the common issue of variable conductivity of different facial zones due to oiliness, skin thickness and hydration levels. With two channels and four energy pathways, the company’s advanced programming offers superior coverage, while never overloading the facial muscles and causing drooping the way that competitor devices can.

“The bt-sculpt PRO facial electrode probe has been fifty years in the making,” says David Suzuki, licensed skin therapist and CEO of Bio-Therapeutic. “Finally, we have been able to deliver the incredible technology of our microcurrent machines in a simple to use format that still offers our industry leading frequency delivery, combined with precisely controlled kinesthetic lifting.”

“While microcurrent technology is gaining popularity, the reality is that few manufacturers really understand how it works, and develop copycat technologies that don’t ultimately match the sophistication, performance or safety of True Microcurrent from Bio-Therapeutic,” says Suzuki. “Because microcurrent is both invisible and subsensory, it’s easy for companies to hide poor R&D practices and substandard electronics.”    

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