3 Ways to Connect to Clients in Your Community

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We asked if you are interested in building awareness of your spa by participating in wellness initiatives in your community, and the results were: 

  • Yes: 29%
  • No: 71%

Whether you are interested in participating in local wellness events or not, it's true that connecting to your community can positively impact your spa business. 

1. Wellness Outreach

In an article about how spas can get the team on board for eco-friendly practices, Jessica Swartley of The Spa at Spruce Peak had some advice for bringing initiatives to the community: "The Spa at Spruce Peak is located in Vermont, a notoriously eco-conscious state, so engagement happens organically. In this case, the property works alongside the community to keep the state green, participating in fun local events like Green Up Day, where they come up with prizes and other programming to make the event super fun."

This type of outreach can relate to any cause that's important to you and potential clientele, allowing you to make community connections, entice new spa-goers and, importantly, give back while having fun!

2. Media Events

Connecting with media is also important for marketing your business. According to spa sales expert Edyta Satchell, who wrote a piece about promoting your spa on TV, local is king: "Rather than aiming for national exposure, focus on local media outlets as your starting point. Local television stations often feature community programs dedicated to showcasing businesses in the area ... Attend local events, networking functions and media gatherings to introduce yourself and your spa. By establishing relationships with media professionals, you increase the likelihood of being featured in their coverage."

Even further, you can host your own media gatherings! In her article about leveling up spa media events, PR guru Debra Locker Griffin shares that "the main occasions to host a press event include:

  • Grand opening or ribbon cutting,
  • Anniversary celebration,
  • Product or treatment launches,
  • Renovated facility,
  • Press conference or news announcement,
  • Seasonal events."

She notes that such events are "a great opportunity to earn coverage that could bring in new customers, build your business’ reputation and create positive buzz and word of mouth."

3. Community Memberships

Finally, spas can widen their network, both in terms of professionals and clients, by becoming members of local and professional communities. One such membership is GSN Planet, now open to any spa interested in sustainability initiatives: "Membership with GSN Planet comes with an array of exclusive benefits, including a listing on the GSN Member Locator Map, a Digital Media Kit, the opportunity to be featured in Project 5 reaching an audience of more than 5000 through digital channels, inclusion in GSN referral list and tutorials and educational opportunities. Among the suite of tools available to the GSN community are the GSN Greenspa Calculator, Sustainable Spa Practitioner course and GSN Green Toolkit. These resources empower users to implement sustainable practices and drive meaningful change within their businesses."

Again, the membership can be related to any cause or organization that aligns with your spa's values, like a local food bank, Chamber of Commerce, skin cancer charity—the options are endless! One thing is certain: By connecting to your local community, you put down roots and set your spa up for ongoing success.

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