Noel Asmar Commits to Planting 1000 Trees a Month with WeForest

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Noel Asmar Group

Noel Asmar Group, made up of Asmar Equestrian, Pedicure Bowsl and Noel Asmar Uniforms, partnered with WeForest and committed to funding the growth of 1,000 trees per month as part of a reforestation project in Ethiopia's Desa'a Forest Reserve.

“It’s not just about growing trees” says Noel Asmar, CEO of Noel Asmar Group. “It’s tangible changes with a big impact. It’s purposeful and lifts up communities with an emphasis on women, youth, and the farmers so many depend on.” 

While the partnership with WeForest is new, Noel Asmar Group's emphasis on sustainability is not, with the company working with sustainably sourced fabrics and yarns wherever possible and creating garments from recycled water bottles. To date, the companies have diverted over 578,000 water bottles from the landfill as a result. 

Many Noel Asmar garments are also Oeko-Tek certified, ensuring they are free of harmful substances, and the cashmere used by Asmar Equestrian is sustainably sourced from traceable regions of Mongolia. 

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