Adding Red Light Therapy Spaces to Your Spa

Red light therapy
Design ideas for incorporating red light therapy into your spa.

It is no secret that red light therapy continues to rise in demand. Consumers are searching for wellness solutions that are safe, noninvasive and effective.

Among the most popular uses for red light therapy is body contouring and inch loss, as the modality can decrease the size of the subcutaneous fat cells and take inches off the thighs, arms and belly. Other benefits of red light therapy include accelerated wound healing, reduction of scarring and cellulite, firmer and smoother skin, hair growth, increased energy, decreased pain and inflammation and improved sleep quality.

Clients appreciate when the provider offers solutions that have noticeable results and a favorable experience combined with a short treatment time. While red light therapy addresses many concerns, users love the fact that it is also relaxing and enjoyable for them.

For the spa market, red light therapy has proven to be a hands-off revenue generator like no other! Spas can employ this modality before and after many existing services on their menu and as a stand-alone service they could not offer in the past. This attracts an entirely new group of clients to the business other than traditional spa-goers.

However, there is one main challenge we hear from spas: finding the space to perform additional services that would benefit their bottom line. Let us explore several options that provide solutions for adding red light therapy.

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Engineer and entrepreneur-by-trade, Micheal Londo is the founder and CEO of Body Balance Systems, a manufacturer of innovative red light-based treatment systems.

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