Top 7 Spa & Wellness Trends for 2023 by Spafinder

Top 9 Spa & Wellness Trends for 2023 by Spafinder
The yearly forecast is based on Spafinder's expert research of consumer behavior and market interests.

Spafinder released its 2023 analysis of the top spa and wellness trends around the world. The yearly forecast is based on Spafinder's expert research of consumer behavior and market interests. 

“Spafinder is passionate about helping people everywhere live their best lives in every location—home, work, school, and yes, on the massage table,” said Christi Durant, vice president of sales, Spafinder. “Discovering new wellness trends help us all be healthier and experience life to its fullest.”

2023 Spa & Wellness Trends

1. The Period Movement 

From cycle regularity and proper hygiene to access to affordable products, the “period movement” of 2023 is a wellness trend aiming to erase stigmas and enhance knowledge for all. People with periods can track their cycles with technology, while more people are understanding the importance of product access. Governments and charities around the world are trying to end period poverty by providing free menstruation tools to low-income communities. Several states in the U.S. have also eliminated taxes on such items. Spafinder predicts this is just the beginning of the period movement. 

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2. No Sweat, Women-centric Travel

In 2023, travelers will focus on getaways that empower female friendships, joining besties for a "bestiemoon" or "bestievacation" on the regular. These wellness escapes may not have self-improvement courses, but simply allow friends to enjoy massages, facials and one another. Spafinder predicts these trips will help to keep relationships and relaxation levels strong — there’s no greater way to practice wellness in 2023 and beyond.

3. IV Therapy

While IVs are often associated with medicine, the year 2023 will use the term in the same sentence with “energy,” “glowing skin,” “concentration” and more. Vitamin IV therapy is more than a glamorous wellness trend used by millions of people. It entails a technician creating a custom wellness cocktail, complete with favorite vitamins, and injecting it directly into the bloodstream for immediate results. Look for vitamin replenishment in every city in all types of vitamin IV therapy treatments at local wellness centers — whether hoping to brighten skin, ease period cramps or improve mental clarity. 

4. Sea Inspired Snacks and Skin Care

The answer to a 2023 wellness routine lies at the bottom of the ocean in the form of the best SEA-sonal delights. Marine ingredients like sea moss are trending. Sea moss is a super-powered, anti-aging ingredient known to help skin produce collagen and keratin. In addition to skin care, also look to the sea for snacking. Seaweed wraps and scallops help to benefit the body inside and out. Spafinder predicts people will live out their “under the sea” fantasies with this 2023 wellness trend.

5. Female Owned Businesses

Female entrepreneurship is on the rise, making up 49% of new businesses in the U.S. in 2021, up from 28% in 2019. Spafinder expects that number to increase in the coming year. The truth is that women are truly owning the workforce and helping to champion female empowerment by rising in the ranks in previously male-dominated spaces, like tech and manufacturing.

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6. Mocktails

Out with the alcohol, in with the mocktails. One of the biggest wellness trends of 2023 involves non-alcoholic bars that people can visit to mix and mingle. Alcohol has long been linked to social activity, but experts believe that doesn’t need to be the case. As the year starts off with Dry January, more people will refrain from wine, beer, and martinis and opt for softer drinks instead. Essentially, they’re trading hangovers for sober hangouts with old and new friends, and Spafinder thinks it’s a trend that will last. Look for real conversations about the issues with alcohol—the hangovers, the setbacks from a nutritive level, male impotence and overall fertility for all genders. Plus, there is the mental health impact. Spafinder's forecast? More people will improve their physical and mental health by swapping out alcohol for mocktails and making it a point to drink eight daily glasses of water to supplement them.

7. Biometric Trackers

Many use biometric data every day when we unlock our phones with Face ID or fingerprints. Now this trend is making its way into broader healthcare. In other words, a fitness tracker won’t just be logging daily steps, but potentially advanced information like missing hormones, blood pressure, oxygen levels and more. In 2023, look for less general health advice like “eat more vegetables” and more personalized health plans courtesy of biometric data. Look for wellness labs and fitness profile tests to pop up at local pharmacies, in addition to bio stations to aid in customized health and prevention of diseases.

“There are several female-focused trends in this year’s forecast, such as the period movement and an uptick in businesses owned by women," said head of marketing for Spafinder, Jacky Dubail. "This reflects the Spafinder network and the spa and wellness industry, which are known for female visionaries and entrepreneurs.”

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