Beauty Trends to Try in 2018


2018 has arrived with a whole new batch of beauty trends to stay up to date on. In an interview with Fox 28 in Columbus, Jaclyn Peresetsky, owner of ColoreMePerfect Cosmetics and Skin Perfect Skin Care Line, discussed what trends to look out for this year.

Moringa Oil and Cleansing Oils

Oils started off strong in 2017 and are going to thrive in 2018, particularly moringa oil. This oil can be put on hair, skin and nails as well as ingested. Moringa oil is rich in amino acids, nutrients and minerals, and helps nourish and moisturize the skin.

Cleansing oils are also predicted to be popular as a makeup remover as well as a gentle cleanser that won't strip the skin of its natural oils. They are great for oily, dry, sensitive or combination skin. 

Statement Blush

Natural skin does not equate to a boring makeup routine. It's predicted that bright statement blushes will be what is replacing heavy contouring. This year is about embracing not only  natural skin but an individual's natural face shape and enhancing it with a fun pop of color on the cheeks.

Metallic Shades and Glitter

Embrace all the glitter that came into play in 2017. Now, get used to more of a metallic sheen on the face with glitter pops on the eyes and lips, according to Peresetsky. While heavy highlighter will most likely say goodbye, highlighter will still be used to add some sophistication to bright cheeks. It is also predicted that glitter lips and glittery eye looks will boom in 2018.

Graphic Eyeliner

This year is all about creating graphic shapes on the eye. Invest in a caligraphy eyeliner pen to more easily create angular shapes. 


Peresetsky predicted that small accessories paired with short hair will be one of the year's go-to looks. This will be a super easy way for anyone to quickly dress up their hair.

For more 2018 trend inspiration, don't miss out on all the wellness trends that will be surfacing too! 

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