Find Your Retail Sales SMARTs


“If you think your only competition is the salon down the street, you are wrong,” said Carol Phillips, CEO and founder of BeauteeSmarts. “You are competing with Disney, Apple and Amazon who are taking money from your pockets.”

During her keynote presentation, “SMART Sales … It’s More Than Just Your Hands,” Phillips spoke to Face & Body Northern California spa expo and conference and provided five tips on how to setup a better shop.

  1. Brand. Make sure your brand (or your story) is clear.
  2. People. “You can’t manage down to your team,” said Phillips. “You need to bring everyone up to your level.”
  3. Product. Take a look at what’s on your shelves. Ask yourself if you have the right mix, and does it relate to your story. “If you walk into an Aveda concept store, you know the look, smell and story,” added Phillips.
  4. Sales. Check out the process and the flow. Is it easy for your clients to check in and out? “If you are not computerized, you need to,” said Phillips. “Did you know that 47% of all bookings are made online after 9 p.m. or 6 a.m.? Amazon makes it easy to shop, so should you.”
  5. Education. You and your team should always seek more education both on business and esthetics. “Read trade magazines and industry books, and attend conferences like Face & Body,” recommended Phillips. 
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