Skin Inc. Managing Editor's Favorite Earth Day Spa Experiences

Skin Inc.'s Managing Editor's Favorite Earth Day Spa Experiences
We decided to gather some of our favorite eco-friendly and nature-driven spa visits perfect for Earth Day.

Skin Inc. Associate Managing Editor Maggie Walker shares what’s on her mind this month.

My birthday just so happens to fall on April 22, which means, you guessed it, I get the lovely honor of sharing my birthday with the Earth. One way that I absolutely love celebrating this glorious holiday would have to be by visiting spas, and I have visited my fair share of spas over the years. For this month, I decided to gather some of my favorite eco-friendly and nature-driven spa visits I’ve had the pleasure to experience. Happy B-EARTH-Day to me!

1. Lena Rose Day Spa

This was one of the first spas I ever visited that really had sustainability at its forefront. When I visited this spa in 2020, they were working on a program with the goal to be plastic free by 2024. If that wasn’t enough, the founder, Jenny Duranski, started this spa because she felt like no one was shining a light on the toxicity used in products, especially for nail technicians. She made it her mission to leave the spa world better than she found it. Not to mention, the added touch of getting a freshly mixed up body scrub and body mask during my treatment, made for an incredibly unique experience.

2. Sundara Inn & Spa

I actually visited Sundara Inn & Spa during a time where their outdoor pools were shut down due to weather, and it still stuck out as one of the most memorable spas I visited. John Morris, general manager, explained how the concept behind their many pools is to “take in the waters.” The whirlpools and purifying bath rituals provide therapeutic relief and tranquility for all spa guests, and let me tell you, this was incredibly true for the indoor pools. While visiting, I received their Purely Organic Facial that not only left my skin glowing, but had me snoozing on my esthetician’s table.

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3. The Spa at Palms

This was my first ever experience exclusively visiting a spa before its opening. I remember walking into this spa and my breath being taken away. When it came to decor, this spa knew exactly what they were doing with gorgeous greenery and flower decorations adorning it. While interviewing the spa manager and retail director, Brandy Ashford, she shared that they were very eco-conscious and did a lot of research on non-toxic brands to make it so that almost every product a client could touch would be clean, sustainable and organic. Where there was beauty in this spa, there were also to die for treatments, mine was specifically tailored to my zodiac sign! How fun is that?

4. Kohler Water Spas in Lincoln Park

Now. Kohler is very well known for their hydrotherapy thermal suites, and for very good reason. But, Kohler stuck out to me specifically because when I first went I was able to receive the Digital Detox Wrap that was off of their location-specific spa menu. Andrea Argy, regional spa manager, explained that the City Life Massage, City Life Facial and Digital Detox Wrap were all focused on helping the local clients who are prone to more pollution, stimulation and stress from the city. This was a very unique way to craft spa services, in my opinion.

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