Now Trending: 6 Must-Know Lash Trends


Lashes and lash treatments have only gained more popularity as the years have gone on. See what to expect from your clients when it comes to their new lash maintenance routines after quarantine. We have expert advice to help prepare you for the lash treatments your clients will want. 

  • Trend: After Care - Industry Expert: Anthony Valade, RefectoCil
  • Trend: Piecey Perfection - Industry Expert: Nikki Huebner and the EndureLash team
  • Trend: Post-Covid Prep - Industry Experts: Leah Simon-Clarke, Voussoir Consulting and Kimber Jaynes, Borboleta Beauty
  • Trend: Bigger and Bolder - Industry Expert: Molly Landman, Jane Iredale
  • Trend: Nice and Natural - Industry Expert: Umbreen Sheikh, Wink Brow Bar

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